School awards evening

Castle Vale School is holding its annual awards evening tonight, starting at 7pm in the school hall.


10 responses to “School awards evening

  1. Does the head teacher Mr Owen get an award for having the one of the worst set of results in the city?

  2. Oops one too many the’s there

  3. Is he still there!

  4. Indeed he is, he seems to be untouchable.

    HIs latest idea to ruin the school is to re-structure the SLT. Of course, he isn’t included in that re-structure. You know the old saying ‘A bad workman always blames his tools’….

    The school is currently bottom of the Birmingham league table with pupils achieving 5 A*-C including English and Maths at 31%, the Birmingham LEA average is way higher at 55%.

    Lets hope these results are improved this year, if not we need to take action to secure a good education for our children.

  5. Action should of been taken a long time ago.

  6. Don’t just keep blaming Clive, look closer to home, do your children give 100% if you don’t like it move your children to another school. Always passing the blame.

  7. As head of the school, he should be held accountable for the failure.

    If he was the manager of any other business he would be long gone.

    I await the next comment defending him……

  8. Sorry Mathew but the picture is even more grim than you portray. Only 29% of pupils achieved 5 A-C including English and mathematics. Dealing with our childrens futures here and the headteacher is accountable. Governors, do something.

  9. Tamerton, you are indeed correct. I was looking at the previous year. Thanks for pointing that out!

  10. Dear Anonymous, rest assured the teachers are good and the pupils who work hard will always succeed, its just that Mr Owen instead of being inspiring, makes everything much harder.