Daily Archives: November 12, 2011

Sparkbrook win edges Labour closer to power

The Labour Party is creeping closer to regaining control of the City Council. Last week, Labour gained another Council seat, this time from the Respect Party, by winning the Sparkbrook by-election. Of the 120 seats in the City Council, Labour now has 56, Conservative 39 and Lib Dems 24. The Respect Party now has just one seat.
61 seats are needed for an overall majority.
The Conservative Lib Dem coalition has had control of Birmingham City Council since 2004.
Next May, 40 seats are to be contested in the council elections.
Tyburn ward has two Labour councillors (Mike Sharpe and Lynda Clinton), and one Lib Dem (Ann Holtom)
At the May 2012 elections for Tyburn ward, Councillor Ann Holtom’s seat will be contested.