Erdington hits top ten UK jobless

The jobless number in Erdington has risen by 569 in a year. Erdington now has 5,357 people aged 16-64 who are out of work – that’s 12.9% of its economically active poulation.
The constituency has the 9th worst unemployment figures of the UK’s 650 constituencies.


3 responses to “Erdington hits top ten UK jobless

  1. the lottery should help the jobless people who as no money to help them out till they find work

  2. Oh yes and why not Gala Bingo and WIlliam Hill too, what the heck ask everyone.

    Isn’t that what Jobseekers Allowance is for, to help people who have no money?

  3. Oh yes job seekers £128.00 every 2 weeks wow i shall book a table at a michelin restaurant maybe purnells in the city. its about this government got of its arse and did something to help the local people such as myself who through no fault of my own keep being laid off or made redundant the sense of joy that runs through my mind as i walk out of the factory door for the last time looking over at my now ex work colleagues Mohammed from Somalia, Abdul from Bangladesh, Grzegorz from Poland, you catch my drift there are thousands of unemployed LOCALS left on the scrapheap because of the amount of foreign workers surely its about time a cap on the amount of foreign nationals allowed at one company based on percentage of work force is applied to give this community a chance to get back on its feet. today i see that Land Rover Solihull are going to employ a 1000 people 800 of which will be production workers great news until you realize there are 8000 applicants my rant is no way meant to offend anybody but it is the realization that i have no future at this moment in time and my government seem not to care