Daily Archives: November 25, 2011

Jack Dromey and Tezlin: Both In Labour

Tezlin Newell Harding receives her sport and fitness award from Jack Dromey MP.

Labour MP Jack Dromey tonight presented a trophy to a pregnant woman who had bravely turned up for the local community awards ceremony even though she was in labour.
When Heart FM’s Dave Clarke called her out as the winner of the sport and fitness award, Castle Vale singer and dance teacher Tezlin Newell Harding struggled up from her seat and made her heavy way towards the stage at the Residents Club to collect her trophy.
But father of three Jack Dromey gallantly stepped down from the stage to meet her at ground level so that Tezlin did not have to negotiate the shaky wooden steps.
Medical staff had told Tezlin just a few hours before the show that she was in the early stages of labour. But she had no need to go into hospital yet, they said. Their advice to her was to go home and take a few paracetemol.


Man charged with £71k Cincinatti metal theft

A 39 year-old man is to appear at Birmingham magistrates court in January charged with attempting to steal £71,110 worth of metal from the Cincinatti building on Kingsbury Road.
He and a 25 year-old man both pleaded guilty to trespassing into the building with intent to steal, and were both given 12-month conditional discharges.
Both men, of eastern European origin, required interpreters for their court hearings.
The Cincinatti factory produced machine tools for over 70 years before it was closed in 2007.

500 cannabis plants discovered in city centre drug factory

Police have discovered a secret cannabis factory growing 500 plants worth around £300,000 in the heart of the city, just 100 metres away from New Street Station, and a short walk from the Mailbox in Birmingham.
The smell of cannabis led police to search a vacant shop in Lower Seven Street where they discovered six large foil-lined tents, each containing approximately 80 mature cannabis plants warmed by a sophisticated hydroponic growing system.
Police say the electrics in the building had been tampered with to fuel the set-up and were so dangerous that specialist electricians had to disconnect the power supply to make the building safe.