Man charged with £71k Cincinatti metal theft

A 39 year-old man is to appear at Birmingham magistrates court in January charged with attempting to steal £71,110 worth of metal from the Cincinatti building on Kingsbury Road.
He and a 25 year-old man both pleaded guilty to trespassing into the building with intent to steal, and were both given 12-month conditional discharges.
Both men, of eastern European origin, required interpreters for their court hearings.
The Cincinatti factory produced machine tools for over 70 years before it was closed in 2007.


3 responses to “Man charged with £71k Cincinatti metal theft

  1. Tattoo their foreheads with THIEF and send them back to whee they came from. We don’t need criminals from abroad we have enough home grown ones to deal with.

  2. R wa a shame dat wud of been a nice earna!!

  3. Theft is the opposite of earning.