Fame returns to Vale School

Jake Whitehouse and Laura Green, two of the stars of Fame

Pupils at Castle Vale School have been through their final dress rehearsal today before the opening night of their sell-out production of Fame tomorrow evening. Former pupils and members of the cast who performed Fame at the school in 2004 will be special guests in the audience.
The show is on for three nights, from 29th November -1st December, starting at 7pm.

Heather Kirk and Raza Hussain


9 responses to “Fame returns to Vale School

  1. I wish the young people and the staff who helped them every success. I believe it will be great show.

  2. At last a positive comment for our school and community.

  3. Looking forward to seeing ‘Fame’ tomorrow, I am sure it will be a good show


  5. What a splendid evening, the opening night of Fame was a credit to all who were involved. Well done!

  6. Excellent performance by all. Well done!

  7. Fantastic effort by staff and pupils, really enjoyed it

  8. Great show from everyone . So proud of

  9. Great show from everyone involve . So proud of my daughter Laura .