Healthy food at Nisa

Food experts will be at Nisa in Castle Vale High Street tomorrow from 11am-12.30 promoting healthy food.
They want to encourage people to use their Healthy Start Food Vouchers to buy fruit and vegetables.
Clair Galligan, food health adviser from Foodnet says that many people are aware that they can use the vouchers to buy milk, but do not know that they can be used on other healthy produce such as food and vegetables.
Children from nearby Pegasus School will also be visiting the shop as part of a project they have been doing on healthy eating.
Clair and her team have been helping parents and children at the school with their cooking skills in a five-week course called Cooking with Kids.


2 responses to “Healthy food at Nisa

  1. In theory this sounds great,but it appears the reality of trying to eat healthily has been completely ignored or missed. How about trying to show how you can eat healthily on a low income often below the norm for some people and also with above average food prices on Castle Vale due to Sainsbury having the main monopoly of selling food on here as well as the over-priced corner shops that also take advantage of castle vale residents….go ahead i’d like to see the outcome of that research.

  2. great food shame about the service…. poor