Public meeting: education in Castle Vale


One response to “Public meeting: education in Castle Vale

  1. jobs and the young people of today
    lets see why there is so many young people are out of work its not because they dont want to work. its because of red tape. the goverment would like you to sit in the house all day and keep you oppressed and of the streets its all to do with making money out of the poor. if you want a job you must pay for it. you need a licence for this that and the other you need training so pay for it . you need a cv or you cant need to do a induction but you want get paid. now i ask you what type off idiots do they takes us for nobody is going to work for nothing. cvs who needs a cv we want work not write a bloody novel 95 percent are binned and you never hear from them.
    inductoins they take us for idiots just cheap labour. half way through your first week they tell you you need to be trained for three days but you want get paid for it total ripoff.agencies give you a job take a cut of your wages and get rid of you when your not needed its back to square one.
    this counrty needs to get back to basics the first thing we need to do is get rid of this goverment all they want is money they say we in a ression so what do they hit the poor and the working man lets put fags up lets put petrol
    up lets put beer up i no lets biuld a new railway and make joe public pay for it will only cost about 78 billion theyll stand for it as usual the time as come to make a stand and be heard we want jobs we dont need imigrants we want houses not flats we want wages not taxed to death we want to be able to live not exsist vale people dont rubbish the scrap man hes doing a job
    he probley carnt get any other job because of red tape at least hes got a jobike