HS2 gets go ahead

The HS2 High Speed Rail Link between London and the north has been given the go-ahead by the Government this morning. The section that diverts to Birmingham will run alongside Castle Vale.
Birmingham Council gave its support to the HS2 project.


7 responses to “HS2 gets go ahead

  1. If this does go ahead – Kiss good bye to Water Orton. And then where would you lot go to rob bikes?

  2. grow up you idiot. I hope the HS2 hits you at full speed.
    Its people like you who give the vale a bad name you vindictive xxxx

  3. the hs2 will be running along coleshill heath road and there will be no bluebell park, so the kids will have nowhere to play. the noise of the train will be so loud your windows will rattle lol.

  4. this train will not go ahead it will cause chaos its not fair

  5. It is not the people that have their bikes nicked that gives the vale a bad name. Its the vale lads that nick the bikes that do that – and you know it

  6. Much work has beeen done in Castle Vale in recent years, to preserve wildlife. The brook is attractive to many species. If the HS2 goes ahead though, this haven will be destroyed, including the chopping down of hundreds of trees. When will nature ever come before money? Added to this, the plans to chop every tree down in the central reservation between Spitfire and Tyburn islands, Castle Vale has a grey and concrete future to look forward to.

  7. youth of the vale

    hopefully it will go back to the old castle vale that we all miss