Anger at Skylark planning application

The owners of the Skylark pub have applied to Birmingham City Council for permission to develop the site.
Mr Abdul Rashid, of Hodge Hill has applied via his agent, ZS Partnership of Small Heath, for permission to erect an extension to the sides,  and to install a new shopfront and security shutters.
The Council received the application in the first week of this month.
Arvinder Dale, whose parents have run the nearby Mace store for 28 years, is angry that his family’s business will be threatened by this development. He says that Mr Rashid is planning to transform the Skylark into a supermarket grocery that will directly compete with Mace.
“We have invested heavily in our business over the years,” said Arvinder.
“We have been led to believe that the site of the Skylark would be developed as houses, not as a shop.
“We have served this community for many years. I used to be a pupil at Chivenor School, and we have supported the local schools in many ways. We also employ people from the local community. I am concerned that someone who has developed sites in Aston and Nechells, who has no interest in this community, is being allowed to develop this. The new owner is interested in business, not in the community.”
Mr Dale says that homes close to the Skylark on Farnborough Road have received letters from the Council indicating that they must register any objections to the planning application by 24th January.
Mr Dale has met with local councillors to make his objections to the plans.
A spokesperson for ZS Partnerships confirmed that the owner plans to develop the Skylark as a convenience store. If planning permission is granted, they wish to get started on the building work as soon as possible. He expects the shop to be open to the public before the end of the year.
He also denied that Mr Rashid had no interest in the community. “A convenience store is there to serve the community,” said the spokesperson. “The new shop would be a business and an asset to the community.”
The planning application details that the shop would open from 8am-7pm on Mondays to Saturdays, and from 10am to 5pm on Sundays. It says that it would improve the appearance of the local area, and that the site, if neglected, is an economic liability that would attract ‘vandalism and unsavoury persons.’
The Skylark pub could have been a success, but was not supported by local residents, says the application.
The Skylark closed as a pub in July 2008.


35 responses to “Anger at Skylark planning application

  1. Living next to the Skylark I have only just heard the news regarding the proposed development of a supermarket on the site. It suggests in your article that residents have received letters informing them of this planning application but I have not and after making enquiries with one of my neighbours find that they haven’t either. As there is only a short window to object I wonder how many other local residents have been left out of the loop on this one.

  2. Free trade and competition can be fine but I think this is ridiculous. There is no need for another convenience store so close to an existing one. This cannot be called planning. The local shops have enough competition from Sainsbury’s and Asda.

  3. as a neighbour to the shop i really dont mind there being a new store built. The prices in mace are ridiculous xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. As I live not far from the Skylark, I would hope any new store would have competative prices, as I would find it very convenient. After all on the average High Street, you don’t get just one shop of each kind, i.e. one food shop, one clothes shop etc. Having local competition would hopefully result in affordable groceries for residents.


  6. Castle Vale Resident

    Mace is stupidly over priced xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  7. Mace is the biggest rip off shop on the estate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Ok why is this being allowed. Tesco were refused planning at read square because of nisa and they want another store next to mace.
    Tesco would of been the best value convenience store for the estate

  9. have to agree with comments xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
    I refuse to shop in either shop i would rather spend my hard earned money else where.

  10. Resident of castle vale

    Think this is a stupid idea why put anoutjer shop on the estae for, have more than enough. Personally I think mace is a decent shop and they treat me and I have seen them treat others in a respectfull and pleasant way, I don’t see where rudeness is coming from. I admit prices are a little steap but nisa are ridiculous. And to the comment about treating like shoplifters cause we live on the vale is silly cause the shops been there over 20years .

  11. so resident of castle vale what does the fact that the shop ha been there twenty years have to do with the way they follow people around the store ?

  12. Castle Vale Resident

    i went into to the shop the other day and they literally tried to force signing the petition on me
    surely if theyre that much of ‘a good shop’ people would be desperate to do it out of their own will. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. If they had spent all the money on re-developing the old shopping centre and allowing the traders to have first choice at an affordable price, and continued to have the market castle vale would have been booming with the addition of maybe one or two pubs left standing. Instead we got sold down the same corporate led route as everyone else. Corporations have the monopoly on our shopping choices as they know we have to travel to find affordable shops so can afford to charge stupid prices. We have basically had the urine extracted out of us…FACT!! Hence all the small local businesses are fast disappearing!

  14. You compare Erdington shop prices and asda to any of the shops on castle vale and you will clearly see we are being RIPPED OFF!

  15. Truth is the community was sucked out of this estate the day the H.A.T got their grubby rich hands on it

  16. stand your ground and dont use the shops on the vale then.

  17. Re Tesco anonymous (could you not use a nom de plume if you want to be anonymous, at least then we could reference who we are talking about) this shows typical confused thinking. If they are to allow this shop, they should allow Tesco, as they haven’t they shouldn’t allow the shop. Interestingly, pre HAT, an architect student compared the “planned” Castle Vale with an unplanned area. The theory was that the vale being planned would reflect the people’s needs better than than the unplanned area. Guess what? The other area had a better range of facilities!

  18. children off the ends

    They need to put a mc Donalds or KFC on the vale it would make so much money. and if you think that we have a chip shop you can not eat inside xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Sainsbury’s, today:
    240 Red Label teabags: £3
    “Bigger Pack, Better Value: 480 Red Label teabags: £6.70
    These items were side by side!
    This anomaly/rip-off was pointed out to me by an elderly gentleman, who commented that you really need your wits about you when you’re shopping. He added that Tesco’s are worse….

  20. I remember seeing teabags at Mace which had 50% extra free marked on the box. These were next to the same brand, which didn’t have the 50% extra free. However, the price being charged for the 50% extra free one was 50% more.

  21. Which just goes to show that they’re ALL out to confuse and take advantage of the consumer. Genuine offers are as rare as hen’s teeth!

  22. dont drink tea then. and for your information the owner of mace was once the captain of the cutty sark and he first brought tea to castle vale.

  23. Can’t quite fathom your reasoning there. What is it you’re trying to say? Don’t drink tea because you might get overcharged if you’re not careful about comparing prices? Seems a bit of a drastic solution! The owner of Mace might well be a good bloke, but he still needs to make sure he gets his prices right! (I thought Mace was a franchise anyway – cortrect me if I’m wrong).

  24. OK I will correct you the spelling is CORRECT not CORTRECT. What tea are you drinking.
    Bring a poundland to Castle Vale for all the benifit scroungers to spend there hard earned handouts.
    Or a Cash Converters so they can Pawn all of there stuff to buy a bag of scag.

  25. Oh dear, Anonymous, what are YOU drinking? BENIFIT? THERE? Clearly you lack education, and your prejudice reveals your character, so go away, please. We can do without this kind of spitefulness, thanks.

  26. theres no point in arguing cause things happen regardless of what people say

  27. in chelmsley town centre there are 2 99p shops its ridiculous cause they are out doing each other 1 of the shops should have gone to the vale

  28. ive never laughed so much what a name! how did you make that name up?

  29. Today in Sainsbury’s: Pack of 4 toilet rolls £2.57
    Pack of 8 identical toilet rolls £5.20
    You’re programmed to expect the bigger pack to be “better value”, yet this clearly isn’t. Like the teabag prices last week, this is another example of misleading marketing. Shame on you Sainsbury’s.

  30. It’s not just sainsburys who do this, Asda, Tesco, morrisons are all guilty of this type of price fix. All have been hauled up about it before but it does not change.

    We do have variety in shopping you just have to have your wits about you and if you see a price problem, pull them up about it.

  31. Another outlet for cheap alcohol

  32. Mr Dale, Family & Staff

    Firstly could we thank everyone for their comments regarding the situation on the site of the “Skylark”. We have taken onboard the issues you have raised regarding our prices, but hope you appreciate that as a small business cannot compete with the big chains. We will however endevour in the future to keep our prices at a more competative level, ie:introducing
    a wider variety in our pound section.
    Once again many thanks for your continued support.

  33. Mr Rashid is a very renowned businessman. He has opened convinience stores around Birmingham which have been very successful. Their prices are very cheap and he is a loyal businessman. He will not let the people of Castle Vale down and will raise higher than everyone’s expectations. Mr Rashid has also been in contact with Tesco which has been very successful. Tesco have opened a few stores on Mr Rashid’s land.

  34. Mr Rashid is known for having convinience stores in Birmingham. Some of his prices are really cheap compared to other stores. He is also very loyal and respects all his customers. I would really love for him to open a store near me, you guys are really lucky he is opening a store near you.

  35. He’d put Mace out of business, but maybe we should be pleased that Sainsbury’s will have a serious rival on the estate? Assuming he gets planning permission, of course.