Erdington councillors object to police station closure ‘proposals’

Four Conservative Erdington councillors are objecting to proposals to close Erdington Police Station.
The proposal was reported in today’s Birmingham Mail.
Councillors Alden, Beauchamp, Bennett and Moore have written a letter to each member of the West Midlands Police Authority, outlining their ‘serious concerns.’
An extract from the letter reads:“Erdington has always had a police station and, as the third busiest shopping area in the City (after the City Centre and Sutton Coldfield), it is an area that continues to have a great need for a locally-based police station. The Police teams in Erdington, with the support of the Station, provide a valuable service to deter High Street-related crime in Erdington. Over recent years, they have also played a key role in dealing with serious crime in the Erdington area. It is quite clear that all of this and much more good work would not have been possible without having the base of a local police station in the heart of the community. We hope that when you consider this agenda item on Thursday, you will take on board the very strong views of the Erdington community and councillors that Erdington must continue to have a police station and we would welcome your support when this item is discussed to ensure that it always continues to have one.”


10 responses to “Erdington councillors object to police station closure ‘proposals’

  1. The fire stations have been closed, now it is the turn of the police stations. And as the crime rates are increasing, a local police station is vital.

  2. what is the world coming to? we need these vital services i blame the government kick cameron out

  3. yes i agree there will be riots if police stations are closed, this country is crap

  4. this country is crap it has gone to the dogs. unemployment, crime etc… its a terrible world and wth the fire stations and police stations closing it will be horrendous.

  5. How can we kick a government out if people don’t go and vote? Why don’t people vote? Because the Liberals have joined the Tories and Labour is fighting the Tories to ccupy the same ground -“Capitalism with a social conscience”. So they’re all essentially the same, so what’s the point in voting?
    And England have just lost the first Test Match in Dubai. Can things get any worse?

  6. i agree with you what is the point in voting? the government is a sham

  7. You say lets kick cameron out and get voting.
    Who are you going to vote for.
    IMMIGRATION is what has messed this country up.

  8. No it’s ignorant trolls like you messed this country up.

  9. Birmingham council claims to have no money. Yet walking down Chester Road today at Pype Hayes, I noticed they have chopped all of the trees down on either side. There must be about 50 healthy mature trees, which were beautiful, especially in the summer, which the council have seen fit to have cut down, to stump level. Instead of using tax payers money to cause destruction and vandalism, perhaps it could be used to create something worthwhile or to save vital services. The thousands the council is spending on ridding Birmingham of most of its trees could have been spent on saving Pype Hayes Hall.

  10. Why don’t you people educate yourselves and stop listening to everything the news and media tells you are you people really that gullible.Even many of the young people are more educated on current economic affairs and the causes than you lot. Get up off your asses and do something about it instead of whinging on here about issues you haven’t had the brains to research yourself. THE GOVERNMENT ARE JUST PUPPTS BEING DANGLED IN FRONT OF YOU TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE THEY ARE IN CHARGE, DUHHHHHHH THEY’RE NOT LEADERS WORK OUT WHO THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT ARE AND YOUR STILL ONLY HALF WAY TO KNOWING WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE, WAKE THE xxxx UP FOR GODS SAKE!!! ASK WHERE YOUR MONEY IS AND HAS GONE NOT WHERE YOU THINK IT HAS. THEY BEEN PULLING THE WOOL OVER YOUR EYES FOR YEARS AND TYPICAL OF THE BRITS TO DUMB TO NOTICE AND CAN’T SEE BEYOND THE SQUARE BOX IN YOUR LIVING ROOMS, I FEEL SORRY FOR OUR YOUNG HAVING SO MANY STUPID ADULTS AS ROLE MODELS.