20mph speed limit for Castle Vale?

Plans to impose a 20mph speed limit across Castle Vale are in their early stages. Councillors and council officers are considering the proposals which will go to public consultation before any decision is made.


11 responses to “20mph speed limit for Castle Vale?

  1. Make sure you all attend the public road safety meeting 22nd Feb – Castle Vale Baths at 7:00PM

  2. The speed limit is already 20mph as it is a built up area with no speed signs as stated under the highway code.

    All that will happen is a bunch of speed signs will be put up around the area. It will not change the problem as only police presence being on the ball and fines can change things.

    You’ve got people on bikes/quads doing high speeds on the road as well as cars. We should go back to the old days cobble the roads, that will slow the traffic down as it will cost them too much in repairs not too.

  3. The speed limit is actually 30mph not 20mph.

    If the speed limit was already 20mph then it would need to be clearly signed and implemented by the council.

  4. Castle Vale Road Safety Group

    As we understand it the national speed limit for a built up area is 30mph regardless of whether it is signposted.

    Local councils can implement their own 20mph where there is a need for it.

    Regarding enforcement, we are working with west midlands police to implement a Community Speed Watch scheme. All will be revealed at our meeting.

    Good idea about cobble roads!

  5. Strange………when I passed my test, the speed limit in a built up area was 30mph. I wasn’t aware they had changed it !!!!!!! Brilliant idea to reduce it !!!!

  6. If the speed limit is already 20mph, why are the digital feedback signs set at 30mph?

  7. Great Idea,,,,Bring It on

  8. that will never work. it needs speed bumps to make you slow down. all the best with the campaign

  9. it needs more road safety taught at schools and parents aware of road safety not just the onus on drivers, i disagree with 20 miles an hour

  10. lets have road safety taught at schools and parents aware of road safety not just the onus on drivers.

  11. Castle Vale Road Safety Group

    Part of our wider plan is to educate children and parents, it wouldn’t be right to totally focus on drivers.

    We have the West Midlands Fire Service willing to attend each school and talk about road safety to the children.

    They are also running a cycle scheme whereby they take children out and show them how to safely ride.

    It’s a start…