Pype Hayes Hall taken off auction list

Pype Hayes Hall will not be up for sale at the March auctions run by CP Bigwood at Villa Park. The 17th Century listed building has failed to find a bidder at the last two events. A Council spokesperson said they have taken the property off the list, but are still considering all options, including a future sale, or community use.
The Council say they will consider ‘viable’ options, and may re-think the conditions of sale, which demanded that any buyer must refurbish the property and bring it back fully into use within two years. These restrictions may have deterred potential buyers from making a bid.
The auctioneer at the last auction in December said that he would have accepted a bid of £250,000 for the property. This had dropped from a minimum price of £400,000 at the September auction.


One response to “Pype Hayes Hall taken off auction list

  1. I wonder why Birmingham Council don’t apply to the National Lottery for funds to restore the hall? It would be great to turn it into a museum like Aston Hall. And the stable block could be turned into a community centre, as has happened with the Aston Hall stable block. Some of the paintings at Aston Hall originally came from Pype Hayes Hall, including those of the Bagot family and it would be good to see them hanging in Pype Hayes again. Walking by the stables the other day, it was obvious that they won’t remain standing for much longer. Parts have collapsed in recent weeks, so it will be necessary to act quickly if they are to be saved.