Falcon Lodge: Brum’s most burgled

The B75 postcode area that includes Falcon Lodge, Rectory and Sutton Trinity is the only Birmingham postcode in the top 20 of most burgled places in Britain, according to research carried out by MoneySupemarket.
The area suffering the highest rate of burglaries in the country is Stoke Newington, in London. An area of West Bromwwich in the B71 postcode comes third on the list.
The figures are based on the number of insurance claims per household.


4 responses to “Falcon Lodge: Brum’s most burgled

  1. I think this item (the headline in particular) should be re-written because it paints a false picture of Falcon Lodge. If you access the police crime map http://www.police.uk using the B75 post code it clearly shows that there were few if any burglaries on Falcon Lodge. In December for example there were just 4 burglaries in B75 and each of those took place in and around the Mere Green / Rectory footprint. Not one of them took place on Falcon Lodge. The facts, as provided by the Police speak for themselves.

    Falcon Lodge, just like Castle Vale is a perfectly safe place to live in and just as happened in the past with regards to Castle Vale, articles like this undermine the wonderful improvements achieved by the local residents.

  2. I don’t know Falcon Lodge, but do agree that Castle Vale has been painted badly in the past and this image has stuck, yet it is one of the areas I feel safest in. It has more of a community spirit than many other parts of Birmingham.

  3. My point exactly Muldanian. I lived on Castle Vale for years and always felt very safe. Whilst still very much involved in projects on Castle Vale and with both friends and family living there, I now live on Falcon Lodge and it is equally a very safe place to live.

    I question the journalistic validity of a report prepared by a London based marketing company who deliver a report more for PR effect than to advise, and whose statistics are not backed by actual crime figures but by alledged insurance claims, when we are all aware that a great many insurance claims are themselves bogus…..

  4. So, in effect, you’re suggesting that the Falcon Lodge area figures represent FALSE claims. Oh dear, not what you meant, I’m sure …