Snow joke

Police were called out on Sunday night during the heavy snowfall to remove a giant snowball that was blocking traffic going along Tangmere Drive. The makers of the snow ball had put a face on one side of it.


19 responses to “Snow joke

  1. Is this really worthy of putting in a news article?

  2. Do you not mean why?
    It is a dangerous practice in adverse weather conditions.

  3. It shows us what anti-social, irresponsible morons we have living amongst us, causing unnecessary & dangerous work for the police and an extreme hazard for drivers. The smiley face serves to illustrate how unfunny that snowball could have been.

  4. oh nemesis get a grip … the people who are commenting are doing it tongue in cheek … and because people like you reply it amuses them … you become the entertainment ..

  5. Oh iva I sussed you …whatever happened to your website, it disappeared without trace! Lost your green fingered friends then?

  6. i have no idea what your talking about website ,green fingered friend ??? i am not who ever you think i am … im just stating that when people put comments on here some are designed to any morons …. enter you

  7. Some young boys make a large snow ball. Heaving forbin they put a smiley face on it too!! Hows has this not made the Evening Mail Nemesis?? Get Bob Warman down here with the Central TV crew.
    Sack the HAT, sack the Headmaster – Snow balls like this are the reasons why Castle Vale remains the hell on earth, sink estate it is!!

  8. lol too right G nemesis … get a life

  9. As a matter of fact I was fighting for my life all the way through 2011. “Get a life”? I got mine back the hard way. I think you two neanderthals should take a long hard look at yours, and GROW UP.

  10. nemesis read your origional comment …. bit steep for a snow ball making headline news !!! the fact that a lot worse happens daily on the estate but obviously in your world its major …. put your feet up old boy

  11. You were up a bit late trying to think that one up iva. Your inaccurate assumptions about age and gender reveal your intellectual deficiencies. Maybe that’s unfair – it was probably the booze that puddled your brain. Sad.

  12. yawn …. go back to curtain twitching

  13. nemesis & iva this debate is at risk of snowballing out of control!

  14. oh anonymous thats a bit frosty ;-< lol

  15. Nemesis – If what you have said about your personal life is true – and I dont doubt that it is, then surely you can see there are much bigger things to debate – and note on a news media provider – than children making large snowballs. Even with smiley faces on?

  16. G:
    Yes, of course I see that (and what I said about fighting for my life in 2011 is true, & I’m only “in remission” now but fingers crossed; and I’m 68 but I don’t feel or look old & I certainly don’t need to “put my feet up” as someone unkindly advised!) – but this website is very local, not meant to deal with massive issues. No-one said they were kids making that snowball, they could well have been adults, and you must admit that in those weather conditions it was a danger to traffic- reduced visibility etc.
    I didn’t want to make an issue of it, but as someone said – it snowballed!