Road Safety Group open meeting

Castle Vale Road Safety Group are holding their first public meeting this Wednesday (22nd February) from 7pm at the Swimming Pool in Farnborough Road. The group are campaigning for road safety measures including a pedestrian crossing adjacent to the swimming pool, and a 20mph zone across the estate.


One response to “Road Safety Group open meeting

  1. Although the zebra crossing is welcomed I believe that we need more than one situated around the school especially on tangmere drive in front of the school.

    Other issues to tackle are cars parking in front of the schools obstructing the views of traffic. The police have already had complaints of chivenor parents obstructing the road.

    The 20mph unfortunately will not change anything as people will still drive over the limit. The only way it will work is if incrementally speed bumps are put in high enough to slow the traffic down this would also stop the bikes and quad that speed round the vale.