Down from 30mph to 20mph – an extra two minutes around the estate

Councillors, council officers, police, members of the fire service and around 25 members of the public attended Castle Vale Road Safety Group’s public meeting tonight at the swimming baths in Farnborough Road.
Dave Boucher, Station Commander at Erdington Fire Service, told the meeting that his team had attended 30 road traffic collisions in Castle Vale during the past twelve months.
The City Council have sent out 4,500 questionnaires to homes in Castle Vale, asking for opinions about introducing a 20mph speed zone across the estate. They have had around 200 forms returned, mostly in favour of the zone.
Sergeant James Nix told the meeting that it would be possible to enforce any new speed limit.
The formal consultation for the 20 mph zone will be in mid/late March.
Matthew Henry, chair of the Safety Group, said that he had made a car journey around the perimeter of the estate, first at 30mph and then at 20 mph. The slower speed increased the journey time by two minutes.
The public consultation period for a zebra crossing between Chivenor School and the swimming baths begins tonight and ends in 21 days’ time.


One response to “Down from 30mph to 20mph – an extra two minutes around the estate

  1. last week coming home along yatesbury avenue doing 20 mph
    about 10pm i came across 3 youths on bikes no lights all in dark clothing is that what u call road saftey teach bike riders road safety
    before picking on drivers