West Mids Police look for private partners

West Midlands Police are looking for private companies to help them cope with their workload, following cutbacks to the force.
They want ‘suitably qualified’ organisations to free officers from duties which don’t need a serving police officer to carry out, such as guarding crime scenes and collecting CCTV.
Police officers and PCSOs will still be carrying out front line services, such as street patrols and arrests, said a spokesperson.
The contract being offered to private companies is worth £1.5 billion over ten years.


6 responses to “West Mids Police look for private partners

  1. lisa Da-Costa

    I have just been informed by my son’s friends that my son who left my house not more than an hour ago and has been hoem most of the day and night has just been racially profiled by officers pushed had his cap knockoed off for walking away pushed to the ground jumped on by at least 5 punched in the head and face and had his lip bust and a tazer held to his head. I have phoned the police in absolute rage to find out where my son is being taken and to make them aware that he suffers from a blood disorder…………..The anger and anxiety I am feeling right now is sickeing to the stomach!!!!!

  2. Bobby Dazzler

    Good to know the police are actually taking some action.

    Are we to believe your son was leaving the house at 2:30am for legitimate and sociable reasons?

  3. do we need a reason to leave the house at certain times then?

  4. This is not a police state YET! The time is immaterial, just look at what happened to Trayvon Martin case in the US. Police should have good cause for stopping you and you can refuse to give your details although this is not a good idea as you can see what happens. Its a shame that some police officers behave like thugs as they give all police a bad name. You need to walk a mile in the shoes of a person of colour before you pass judgement and don’t try profiling me by my comments as that is also irrelevant!

  5. Lisa Da-Costa

    Is it legitimate for up to 8 officers to jump on top of one person pin him to the ground and give a him a sneaky punch in the mouth.No I don’t think it is so don’t you dare talk to me about legitimate and that is not the first time officers from Sutton Police have abused they’re power I have personally watched officers arrest a young lad and once in the back of the car punch him in his face even though his hands were both handcuffed behind his back it’s just a shame i did not have a video phone handy at the time or i would have certainly filmed the situation as it was shocking to see. The Police Force formally known as the Police service (change of name speaks mountains in itself) need to learn that they are there to protect and serve and represent the so-called law and even the current laws are open for debate however they appear to think they are above the law and can do what they like which is an awful attitude to take. So please take all this into consideration when asking about legitimacy!

  6. Lisa Da-Costa

    Racial profiling is alive and well as is institutional racism within West Midlands Police and as the comment states unless your a person of colour you may never know what it feels like to be profiled. West Midlands police is the 3rd worst force in the country behind London and Manchester…fact!