Teacher strike action: school stays open

Castle Vale School will be closed for pupils from Years 7-10, but will remain open for pupils in Year 11 tomorrow. Teachers from the NAS/UWT union at the school are on trike for the day. Two more days of strikes are planned for later this month.


9 responses to “Teacher strike action: school stays open

  1. Shame on you,shame on you all.

  2. Dear Mr Madman,

    It’s a shame you can’t spend the day as a member of staff at Castle Vale School. I’m sure your attitude will soon change.

  3. doing something positive,like making changes is better than striking.
    if you don’t like the school or its methods,there are two options
    1) make changes
    2) get another job
    both these options are very easy but I’m sure your going to say
    “ITS NOT THAT EASY” I have commitments !!
    you do have commitments that is to turn up for work every day
    and teach children to the best of your ability..
    if you don’t like the job or school,re train for some thing else in
    the real world…

  4. I think it is absurd how teachers are expected to crowd control. Many of Castle Vale students seem to lack the capacity to behave in a appropriate way, mostly down to poor parenting. The schools job is to teach and not to crowd control. The school should be allowed to bring in harsh punishments and have the full backing of parents. At the moment, it is hard to get the parents to even attend a meeting about their child’s behaviour and get defensive when they think the school are saying anything about them. To make this school better, the parents need to care more about their child’s education and support the teachers and give them the necessary capabilities to thrive at school. There is a benefits and drug culture on the estate and this needs to be tackled by the parents, as the school cannot educate the children without good primary socialisation from the parents and a good family network.Teenagers of course will occasionally misbehave but not to the extent of this school. I fully support the teachers and I hope they get given the right to bring in much harsher punishments, as well as the support of parents and perhaps parents on the estate could learn to bring up their child properly and not blame the school for everything.

  5. I may have got this one wrong.why cant we get all the information about this.if children (they are not pupils) misbehave they should be metered out some form of punishment
    They are only pupils/students when they behave correctly.

  6. Dear Madman,

    Please read the reasons why the teachers are stirking before making assumptions. Teachers are striking primarily due to the poor management in the school. They are doing this for the benefit of the children as bad management leads to bad exam results as bad decisions are taken. Teachers never do anything unless absolutely necessary and with a long term benefit/goal to the school.

    I for one, fully endorse and support the teachers here

  7. I as a parent who’s child attends Castle vale school is appalled at what has gone on, not only today but also the last couple of years. My child has always struggled academically through out her school years, It’s not that she does not want to learn she finds most subjects more of a struggle than others. I was always brought up with behavior and education starts within the home witch I strongly agree. I am not a parent who is quick to point my finger at the school but I have to say that something needs to be done A.S.A.P. Maybe if the school was to build a solid foundation for our children then it would gain a solid structure throughout. I support the teachers but maybe as the saying goes prevention is better than cure. Its just a shame it was not prevented.

  8. As a parent of a castle vale pupil i myself do not live on the estate and work so the blame solely cannot be out down the parents although some help from them is gravely needed, i agree totally with what the staff are doing and what they are trying to achieve, the managment system at the school NEEDS TO CHANGE sooner rather than later before its too late for all pupils attending now and in the future,

    more also needs to be done to support those pupils that are struggling with school as the support system STINKS and sometimes non existant. So come on Mr Owen pull your finger out and get it sorted or GET OUT simple.

  9. Sutton Coldfiel citizen