Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

Castle Vale School teachers’ strike: national press headlines

Yesterday’s teachers’ strike at Castle Vale School has provided material for the regional and national press today.
The Daily Mirror has the headline: It’s like zoo: 40 teachers walk out of school as children run riot……..Staff say they fear for their own safety as kids bring in knives, fight in lessons and let off fireworks in corridors
The Daily Mail’s headline is: More than 40 teachers at under-achieving school strike over ‘dangerous’ pupils
The Birmingham Mailhas listed it in the top five most read stories of the day, under the headline: Castle Vale teachers strike amid bad management and poor behaviour claims
The strike was featured on last night’s regional news on ITV Central and BBC Midlands Today early and late evening bulletins.
Jean Downey, a long-time resident of the estate and Chair of Castle Vale’s 2005 Group who work voluntarily to improve services and conditions in the area, fears that the newspaper and television reports are giving a false impression.
“Castle Vale is not like that at all,” says Jean. “Somebody is trying to blacken us and our reputation, and take us back to the way we were in the bad old days of years ago. It is definitely giving the public the wrong impression of this estate.”