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Lucien Laviscount photos

Lucien Laviscount, who performed a brilliant one-hour concert at Castle Vale School this morning

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Castle Vale School: screaming pupils out of lessons……..

Lucien Laviscount on stage at Castle Vale School

It was just the sort of boost the pupils needed at the end of a week when their school has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.
An imromptu dance and music concert in the school hall featuring one of the country’s best looking and brightest rising stars, Lucien Laviscount, star of Waterloo Road, Coronation Street and Celebrity Big Brother. Still only 19 years old, he’s looking to make his way in the music industry.
Organiser Trevor Evans from the School’s Performing Arts Department said today’s concert was one of the best kept secrets in the school.
Pupils from Years 10 and 11 were brought into the main hall at 9.30 this morning, unaware of the identity of their celebrity star. Warm-up acts urged the youngsters to come forward to the stage, before Lucien appeared from behind the curtain to screams and whoops of disbelief and excitement.
He treated the school to an hour-long show of dance and music, including dance-offs with the pupils, and photographs with teachers and pupils.
“This is a lovely school,” said Lucien after the show. “The kids and the teachers all got involved. There was real respect from the audience, for us, and for their teachers. As soon as Trevor (Evans) got up and asked them to be quiet, they listened to every word he said. And they gave it everything, in the dance-offs, and in everything we did. There’s a great atmosphere here. I loved the way the teachers got involved, too. It was fantastic. I loved it. We’ve been to many schools, and this is definitely in the top three of all the ones we’ve been to.”

Lucien Laviscount and his team