Headteacher writes to reassure parents

Clive Owen, Headteacher of Castle Vale School, has written to parents reassuring them about pupil behaviour in the school.
He says that comments that have appeared in the press and media about the school are ‘false and spurious’ and he quotes an extract from an Ofsted letter following a visit in January which says:
‘The school continues to ensure that students are safe. Behaviour around the school is good, and is good in many classrooms.’


13 responses to “Headteacher writes to reassure parents

  1. Sutton Coldfiel citizen

    This problem can be sorted out if stricter discipline was enforced and an infusion of moral fibre. Too many dogooder’s not doing much good, this would not happen in Sutton school’s. Castle Vale sort yourself out and have some self pride, you can’t always blame others for your own home grown problems.

  2. Thank you, sanctimonious Sutton Coldfield citizen, for your prescription. We wait, though not with bated breath, for your next statement of the bl*****g obvious.

  3. get off our paper OR shut up,your not doing any good,trying to stur things up.

  4. i hope Clive Owen will be at the topcliff meeting,jack dromey will be but why are they discusing the performing arts college ??????

  5. Behavious is good in many classrooms…… hmmmmmmmmm thats not what the latest OFSTED report says now is it xxxxxxxx?

    for other people,, thats what the OFSTED report said in 2009


  6. “behaviour is not consistently as good as at the time of the last inspection. In three lessons observed, behaviour was poor and the learning of students was inadequate because of persistent low-level disruption.”

  7. The school continues to ensure that students are safe. Behaviour around the school is good, and is good in many lessons.

    From the Jan Ofsted. It also goes on to say that where poor behaviour is observed it is as a direct result of poor teaching and poor classroom management. Perhaps the only failing of the HT is to have not taken more inadequate teachers through competency!

  8. Ah…… another of the blame brigade. It goes on to say that the behaviour policy is not followed in all cases, this is because staff are fed up with it not working. A good head does not have inadequate teachers as they utilise the skills the teacher does have and gives them the training and support they need to improve.

  9. Excuse me , Sutton schools are not exactly the best schools so I suggest you don’t criticise the comp . .

  10. I wouldn’t mind were not actually a bad school? Phaa and to the Sutton school comment ? I suggest you stop criticising our school… Much love …

  11. You can all blame the teachers or the head or the pupils but failing schools are just another part of failing government, the blame should be firmly placed on those and not those lower down the ladders with less power…Think about it…change starts from the top down!

  12. To be quite honest , stop dragging other schools into this … I couldn’t give a damn about Sutton , castle vale is our main priority,!!!!!!!!!!! ..

  13. Absolving all responsibility from yourself ha ha
    Training and a “superhead” or a string of qualifications can’t help those who can’t accept their own inadequacies and just resort to blaming everyone what a joke of a comment!