Castle Vale School strike: 107.5 Switch Radio special broadcast

107.5 Switch Radio will be broadcasting a School Strike Special tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2pm. Station manager Neil Hollins says: “The programme will give people the chance to discuss and debate the school strike. It is an issue that is affecting a lot of people in Castle Vale. We will invite contributions to the show from people who can keep us better informed. We welcome contributions from listeners, as long as they are sensible and responsible, and not defamatory.”


3 responses to “Castle Vale School strike: 107.5 Switch Radio special broadcast

  1.……Broadcast this C.V.C.H.A lies to the wider community and has them believe Castle Vale is resident run when it is not and never has been!!!! why lie

  2. Castle Vale Community Housing Association (CVCHA) is a resident controlled housing
    association that has been the main vehicle for redeveloping the Castle Vale Estate
    under the auspices of Castle Vale HAT. Currently CVCHA leases and manages around
    1000 properties on the estate. In two years time when the HAT is wound up CVCHA
    will become the preferred successor landlord for the 1500 HAT tenants (following
    a successful transfer ballot in October 2003). CVCHA is setting to work developing
    a neighbourhood strategy that would devolve decision making down to smaller
    neighbourhoods within Castle Vale.

  3. the letter above is an extract from the document in the link on the first letter
    the extract is exactly what it says
    BUT the document is 8 years old and things have moved on from then.