Castle Vale School: strike continues as local experts meet to discuss ‘aspirations’

Teachers at Castle Vale School continued their strike action today. The School is open only to Year 11 pupils and and a GCSE drama class from Year 10.
Around 20 experts, and professionals, including headteacher Clive Owen, have been attending an all-day meeting at the Sanctuary in Castle Vale today where academics from Sheffield Hallam University are presenting the findings of their report into attitudes towards education across Castle Vale.
The University team interviewed 24 young people aged 13-20, between August 2011 and January 2012.
Their report suggests that young people in the area have high aspirations and ambitions, but lack the know-how to achieve their ambitions.
Sheila Arthur, long time Castle Vale resident and expert in arts in the community told the delegates: “We had always assumed that lack of aspirations was the problem in Castle Vale. But the Hallam report has made us realise that the problem is not caused by the children’s lack of ambition.”


9 responses to “Castle Vale School: strike continues as local experts meet to discuss ‘aspirations’

  1. Very interesting, one teacher was told to leave the school as her expectations of the pupils were too high! Unfortunately she did.

  2. Lizzy McCormick

    Yes, I know about this too, she was a maths teacher !!!

  3. Lizzy McCormick

    In October’s issue of the Vale Mail, Clive Owen says there is a problem with some boys on the estate that,”Pervades their outlook ! It prevents them from standing up strongly for high academic achievement and aspiration which will give them long term success” I suggest Clive Owen needs to raise his view of the aspirations of pupils and help them to succeed.

  4. To alter the problems in education on the estate, the school leadership and the parents need to work together to make the children do their work and have the ability to do, while helping them become polite, well mannered individuals. It can not done by just one, it has to be done by both. These children deserve the best and there are some very talented children on the estate, therefore as a community we need to cherish this and push them.

  5. our school jus cares about the kids who are guna get Cs not the kids who want to get higher. all the kids think c is what they need and dont try for mroe.

  6. It was this teachers high expectations that pushed my sons grades up in maths and helped him to achieve a ‘B’ in his GCSE in 2007. Thank you, he is now a successful engineer.

  7. as an ex-teacher (no not the maths teacher) I was also told to lower my expectations by management.

  8. Care less head teacher!….

  9. If you are an English teacher then perhaps I have you to thank for my son gaining the grade you GUARANTEED in his GCSE. He struggled with this subject but the English teacher worked so hard putting in the extra effort which brought his grade up to ‘C’ in english language AND literature in 2007.