Castle Vale School: fourth day of strike action next week

Teachers at Castle Vale School are planning a fourth day of strike action next week. Members of the NAS/UWT will be on strike on Thursday 29th March. 
Teachers at the school initially took action over claims of adverse management practices and lack of support with pupil disruption.
But teachers are angry about a decision to take disciplinary action against their union representative and a deputy head who took part in the first strike on 7th March.
An email from Birmingham education boss Les Lawrence,  and  forwarded to all teachers at the school before last week’s strike action, said that the disciplinary action was unrelated to the discussions about school management and support with pupil disruption.
However, union members were angered by the timing of the decision to take disciplinary action, coming so soon after agreement had been reached between the two sides to postpone further strike action and hold talks aimed at remedying the problems in the school.
The Birmingham Mail has today reported on last night’s public meeting at Topcliffe School. Its headline: “Parents call for Castle Vale Performing Arts College headteacher to resign” describes the mood of the meeting, at which parent Teresa Doyle said she had a petition of 350 signatures expressing a vote of no confidence in the school’s headteacher.


14 responses to “Castle Vale School: fourth day of strike action next week

  1. the agree wolves
    the pack of dogs
    shame on you all

  2. Lizzy McCormick

    Shame on us all for bringing to everybody’s attention that we are not happy with the way Castle Vale School is being run????????? Should we all keep quiet and let him run it into the ground then ?????

  3. Sorry,that should have been

    The Angry Wolves
    The Pack of Dogs
    Shame On You All

    sorry about that

  4. a witch hunt is not the way to do it.
    just like the teachers striking.
    don’t strike ,get yourself on the board of governors and run it from inside
    OR is that like to much hard work ?
    I have always said to my family,you don’t need to strike,if your good
    at your job,hand your notice in and get a job some where else and stop
    moaning about it all….
    OR is that not what you want to here ?????????????

  5. The offsted report alone should have been enough xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Poor schools reflect badly on our community and I’m inclined to respect the teacher’s opinions on how badly managed the school is.

    Is Mad Man actually Clive Owen himself?

  6. You have no clue!! Are you on planet Earth? Why should any good teacher at the school have to leave because the Head is not very good? Surely it should be the other way round?… Don’t you want to have good teachers staying at the school? How can 40 teachers and over 350 parents all be wrong?

  7. Or one of his minnions?!

  8. I’m a pupil at the comp and not all them people who were outside the gates were teachers!!! There was more staff in the building than outside and I bet not all the 350 signatures are parents of kids at the school

  9. Who is this “Mad man”? He obviously is making comments without properly doing his research. I’m a strong believer that people should be able to voice their own opinion BUT they should research the facts from both sides before voicing their concerns. “Mad man” please don’t make another comment on this issue unless it has a valid constructive point which has some evidence that you have tried to fully understand the whole situation.

  10. I really don’t see how anyone can suggest that the school does not need new leadership:
    1) it is the worst performing school in the City
    2) it is one of the worst performing schools in the country
    3) the pupils made a protest in November
    4) the staff have also protested, three times now.
    5) a ‘superhead’ who was looking to help was turned down
    6) through public meetings and petitions, parents and community have asked for change
    7) several good staff left at Christmas. Maybe more will go in the summer.

    Only the governors seem to be happy with all this, and they are the ones who should bring change about and are doing nothing. Then again, the chair of governors described the head as ‘a good bloke’ in this paper at the same time admitting that he didn’t know why the results were poor. Worrying that.
    So, the question should not be about if there should be a change of leadership, it is should be about when leadership should change.
    Sooner the better from my point of view.

  11. so a valid and constructive comment would be what,,agree with al the rubbish you keep spouting..
    read the comments above from an Anonymous pupil. not all the people were teacher,there were
    more teachers inside than out…
    sounds like a pack of spoilt brats ,not getting there way ???

    what do you think now !!!!!

  12. Please note: All, not al. Capitals after a full stop, were teachers not were teacher and their not there.

    English grammar is obviously not your strong point so please refrain from commenting on the standards of the school when you yourself have trouble grasping basic grammar.

  13. John Davies needs another job – traffic warden?!!

  14. John Davies IS a traffic warden.But John (if i may call you that) you were correct,it was a slip of the tounge on my part But at least the spelling wasnt to bad
    ps i know i missed out the hyphen !!!!!!!!