Parents voice concerns to Council officer

A delegation of parents today met Peter Brammall, the City Council’s Assistant Director of Education, at The Sanctuary to voice their concerns about the staff discontent at Castle Vale School.
A fourth day of strike action is planned for this Thursday. Officers from the teachers’ union NAS/UWT have been in talks with local authority officers this week to try to resolve the dispute.


13 responses to “Parents voice concerns to Council officer

  1. But were all the names on the petition from parents I ask myself? My elderly mom who was just shopping at sainsburys was asked to sign the petition. Now what would she know about the school or the headteacher for that matter, she only shops on castle vale! So was it really a true representation of parents views?

  2. I personally think that most the pro Mr Owen comments or anti-strike comments are Mr Owen himself or a close ally. The school deserves much better, scrap the xxx senior leadership and keep the ones who want to do the right thing by these children xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Sorry the comment didn’t send properly. Scrap the xxx senior leadership. Bring back Mr xxxxxx (best senior management at the school) and stop penalising a union rep. The children on the estate deserve the best.

  4. I was just making a neutral comment Sarah! Not a parent of a child at the school, neither am I Mr Owen or an ally. Just an interested observer who was putting across a point that maybe the petition is not a true representation of ‘just parents’ how could it be if elderly shoppers and passers by ‘from other areas’ were being asked to sign the petition. Surely to know what is going on, and to be able to put your signature on a petition to to remove someone from their working role thereby putting them out of work you must have to know all the facts! I hope you guys know what you are doing. It seems shocking to me.

  5. I can understand this view but the petition was drawn from the community. We all have a stake in that and the reality is that Castle Vale is being failed by it’s school. Look, it is the worst in the city and results are declining. Pupils have protested and also the staff. Now the community is having a say and the view of this petition was backed up at the recent meeeting organised by CVCHA at Topcliffe school where there was a clear feeling that new leadership is necessary.That such a meeting is held is significant.
    I accept your neutral view and do not doubt that some parents, staff and pupils are happy with the school. But there does seem to be major problems with the school, not least that some of this communities children are not doing as well as they should. It all points to the school, and in particular to the leadership of the school.

  6. We had what we could call a productive meeting.. Were not going to know anything still for a while.. But will however support the teachers if there forced back into another strike.

  7. We did get true representation from real parents who signed the petition. Real parents who have real concerns… We never started this to stir up trouble or pick on anybody, we started this because we all want a better future for our children,and ultimately that has to start with better leadership!!!!!
    The kids and Castle vale at the moment are being let down, and its a shame…

  8. The delegation of parents at yesterday’s meeting did not tell the LEA officer anything new. The LEA is fully aware of the fact that Castle Vale is amongst the lowest performing secondary schools in England. Responsibility for that must be shouldered by the leadership team. Peter Brammel has assured the parents that negotiations are currently taking place into order to bring about necessary changes in order to improve the education of young people on Castle Vale.

  9. i am one of the parents that took the petition round, and we asked people of castle vale to sign the petition to back the parents and teachers, not only has castle vale school got a bad name, it is also giving castle vale a bad name,

  10. could you next time please just petition pupils parents ,and make sure you ask me next time because most people i know did not get asked to sign and i know a lot of the community.

  11. But surely you would not have signed it as you do not agree with it??
    I understand close on five hundred people have.True, not all are parents, but many are and all are from the community. Remember we are talking here about a community school. We should all be interested in it’s fortunes and everyone who belongs to this community should have a say, one way or another.
    The pupils have protested about the leadership. The teachers have too. Now some parents and members of the community are adding their voice to bring about change. I accept that this is not everyone, but if you really do not understand the depth of feeling I suggest you spend time exploring this blogg and other entries since the summer.
    I do agree with you about the fashion show. The performing arts in the school is very good indeed. There are strenghs that a new leader can come and build on and make this a better place for our children to learn. As the superhead at Perry Beeches said, ‘great bunch of teachers at Castle Vale’. As the most successful headteacher in the country I would tend to trust his judgment. Just think what might be if our teachers were better led, by someone like Liam Nolan. Anyone got his phone number ?

  12. there are 3 or 4 more petitions going round the vale cause its a big estate so i will find out where they are and let you know where they are

  13. The petition was not just for parents. It was in support of the parents and community.
    Castle vale is supposed to be a community, I feel a very good one, and the community ultimately supports us parents in supporting our kids!!!!!!!