Castle Vale School: Chair of Governors to resign

Chris Buchanan, the Chair of Castle Vale School Governors, has written to fellow governors at the school indicating that he will resign later this summer. There is a meeting of the school governors this evening.
Governors are due to meet  AET (Academies Enterprise Trust) next month to begin the formal consultation process towards the school becoming an academy from September 2012.


5 responses to “Castle Vale School: Chair of Governors to resign

  1. Jump before he’s pushed more like

  2. Chris appears to be doing the right thing. Perhaps others at the heart of the crisis will do likewise so that the school can recover and move on.

  3. Can someone tell us why he is leaving.
    is this more politics ????
    with our school ????
    with our children ????
    perhaps he can tell us himself on these pages ?

  4. about time! hopefully xxxxxxxxxxx will follow suit….