Sir Albert boost makes Byrne Labour favourite for Brum Mayor

Sir Albert Bore, leader of the Labour group on Birmingham City Council has today announced that he will back Liam Byrne as Directly Elected Mayor for Birmingham.
Sir Albert’s backing is a huge boost for Hodge Hill MP Liam Byrne, a former government minister under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
If Birmingham votes yes in the referendum on 3rd May, the Mayoral elections will take place on Thursday 15th November. Bore’s backing will make Byrne one of the favourites for the campaign, and will give him a clear advantage over other Labour hopefuls such as former Erdington MP Sion Simon, and Edgbaston MP Gisela Stuart, both of whom have expressed an interest in becoming Birmingham’s first ever Directly Elected Mayor.


6 responses to “Sir Albert boost makes Byrne Labour favourite for Brum Mayor

  1. I think Bob Warman of Central Television would make a great mayor.
    He will stand .

  2. I believe that whoever stands for mayor should be completely independent of the Government…..Preferably from the real world

  3. George Taylor

    Ok, let’s say we have a mayor. Where does the salary come from in this time of cuts, pay freezes etc. We don’t need a mayor, they wont prove useful and we just end up paying for another government mule.

    If it goes ahead I suggest a pay cut for the high end managers at Birmingham City Council of 15% to cover all the costs related to the mayor elections.

  4. But Mr Byrne………..there’s no money left………….according to you so WHO is going to pay you and WHERE is the money coming from?
    I agree Birmingham does not need a mayor we have enough numpties sponging off taxpayers, living the high life and going on jollies. We the taxpayers are all in it together scrimping and saving just to pay our food & utility bills THESE people are also all in it together building their own ego’s and salaries.

  5. we do have a mayor but not an elected mayor.
    if we had an elected mayor,he or she would be politicaly biased.
    if a conservative mayor is elected,your council tax will not go up.
    if a labour mayor is elected , your council tax and everthing else will go up.
    just look at the over spend by the labour boys in erdington.

  6. The person should be just and average man or woman not some jumped up political affiliate. These people have not only proved they can”t be trusted with making the right decisions for the people but they are too far out of reach with reality to be trusted full stop. No more lap dogs no more puppets and no more middle aged white men!