Castle Vale School: Strike days to be taken off summer holidays

Teachers and pupils at Castle Vale School will be made to work an extra three days before they can break up for the summer to make up for time they lost in March because of strike action.
Birmingham Schools finish for summer on Friday 20th July, but local authority education bosses have decided that Castle Vale School’s summer term will be extended to 3.15pm on Wednesday 25th July.
The controversial decision has been taken by Birmingham Council’s Cabinet in their final meeting before the local elections in May.
A Council spokesperson said: “Teachers are obliged to work 1265 hours per year. This year, their hours have been reduced to 1,258.5 because of the extra bank holiday for the Queen’s diamond jubilee. That is a very generous decision. But we cannot allow the pupils from one school to be given less teaching time than all of the other schools in the authority just because of some action by a small group of disgruntled teachers. We want to be fair to the pupils, and we hope that this decision sends out a fair but firm message.”
The extra three days will apply to all teachers at the school, regardless of whether they were involved in the strikes, says the Council.
The decision will be communicated to teachers and pupils at the school formally after they return from their Easter holidays.
Local authority spokesperson Flora Opil said: “We know that the majority of teachers at the school will welcome this decision.”


16 responses to “Castle Vale School: Strike days to be taken off summer holidays

  1. April Fools day Clive?? Ha ha

  2. Its about time the council started to make some rational decisions for a change! If only we had a mayor who could take executive decisions without all this voting shilly shallying about! Nils idiotus carborundum!!!


  4. Is this an April Fools joke?

  5. This is an absolute joke! You really think kids are going to A. Turn up B. Actually learn anything on those 3 extra days. The teachers should strike again over this decision on those 3 days! It’s not fair on the teachers who went in a worked hard on those strike days or the ones who were standing up for what they believed in…the pupils. This decision will just add fuel to a Castle Vale fire and lead to further unrest, the LEA has no idea. “We know that the majority of teachers a t the school will welcome this decision.” erm….don’t think so!

  6. Got to be an April Fool else this is war!!!!!

  7. Smiling Dad

    Thank you Flora Opil for making us smile!

  8. read the council spokeswomans name … unjumble the letters … april fool !! some people eh lol

  9. unjumble the council spokespersons name … april fool !!!

  10. Is this an April fools joke ? Because to be fair. It sounds like something pathetic the school would do………

  11. Well done, an excellent April Fool, written in such a way as to appear feasible (sadly so!) 5 star.

  12. Brilliant April fool.

  13. Find this was in very bad taste given when is currently happening with the school, shouldn’t be making a joke about the situation. How many people will not realise this was an April Fool and make further judgement about the school. Perhaps in future you will think about the consequences your actions could lead to.

  14. Brilliant April fools gag. Had me convinced!

    To the chap above who complained, get a sense of humour life is too short.

  15. You sound like this union rep geezer who supposed to caused the problems in first place

  16. Unfortunately you are incorrect. The ‘union rep geezer’ is my dad who actually found it funny. As for supposedly causing the problems in the first place, if the school was up to scratch and teachers and pupils were happy then there wouldn’t have been any action would there?. But lets not go there.