Council elections: five up for election in Tyburn ward

Five people have been nominated to stand as councillor for Tyburn Ward at the elections on 3rd May.
They are:
Mick Brown (The Labour and Co-operative Party)
Peter Michael Hickman (British National Party)
Ann Lesley Holtom (Liberal Democrat Party)
Lee Moore (Green Party)
Doug Pullen (Conservative Party)

Councillors are elected for a four year term of office. Tyburn is one of 40 wards in the city. Each ward has three councillors, giving Birmingham a total of 120 councillors.
A councillor may apply to be re-elected after their four-year term has expired. Ann Holtom has been councillor in Tyburn for the past two terms, and is re-applying for her post.
The other two councillors in Tyburn are Lynda Clinton, and Mike Sharpe.


10 responses to “Council elections: five up for election in Tyburn ward

  1. martin holister

    Why do we need 120 counsellors? What does each one do and is it not possible to reduce the number? Surely 120 is too many, or is it just me?

  2. Martin,I think if there were less councillors ,that could be to much power in to few hands.
    can anyone tell me what the heck “(The Labour and Co-operative Party)” is.

  3. martin holister

    Understandable but at the moment all you get is councillors bickering for the sake of it, holding up progress and acting like children.

    The reason we vote councillors in is to give them the power to make the decisions but if that is being undermined by non elected councillors bickering for the sake of it and not contributing then surely they should be removed from council shouldn’t they?

  4. I am not sure but I remember my co-op number 77926.

  5. I wouldn’t fart on any of the above let alone waste a vote on them. Where is Micky Mouse I’m sure he’d get heaps of votes

  6. same old, old candidates far to out of reach of modern working class brum….Get a real person in the running not these puppets

  7. I like Doug Pullen.He will get my vote…

  8. Funny Ben, I can now call you Ben?? & not Mr Ball – I am 44?, that made me smile 🙂
    I am also wondering who the Co-operative Party are. Time for a google & ask around to find out.

  9. Doug Pullen – not even a brummy

  10. Doug Pullen – started a business in Erdington (2 minutes from Castle Vale and in the heart of the Tyburn Ward), tended an allotment in Castle Vale, spent his entire working life in Birmingham and proud to call himself a Brummie!