Castle Vale’s Got Talent 2012


9 responses to “Castle Vale’s Got Talent 2012

  1. You spelt school wrong, you obviously don’t have the talent!

  2. Sutton Coldfiel citizen

    This must be the joke of the year or the century, Castle Vale has got yobs and chavs but definitely no talent ( or standards )

  3. Firstly I’m too professional for a slanging match on a news forum so don’t even go there… however I find it very strange that someone from Sutton Coldfield who has such distaste for the residents of Castle Vale would even bother to go onto the Vale Online Forum and make such a pathetic comment about something that I feel is of great importance.

    Trevor Evans and Castle Vale School are doing a fantastic job at promoting the talents that exist on the estate, the majority of Castle Vale residents are hardworking, honest and trustworthy people so please don’t describe them as yobs and chavs.

    I was born and bred on Castle Vale, had the pleasure of attending St Gerard’s primary school too. I left the Vale and moved to Sutton… and I can tell you this for a fact I’ve seen more yobs and chavs in Sutton Coldfield than I ever saw on Castle Vale. The parade is full of yobbish children who hang around on street corners causing bother. And please don’t say ‘they’re not from Sutton they come from the Vale and Erdington’ as I can assure you I know what a Planstbrook and Grimshaw uniform looks like.

    I have many friends who lived on Castle Vale who have gone onto have brilliant careers, doctors, dentists, headteachers, bankers, solicitors, film industry and I myself am earning a VERY large salary a year so please don’t bad mouth the residents and look a little closer to home next time.

  4. Alas if Martians settled in Sutton Coldfield and with them came their culture they would still be Martians or should that be ex Valees moving on up into the Sutton area but still bringing Vale standards along with them. I suppose Chavs and Chavettes can move up the earning bracket and migrate to well to do areas, One should keep an eye open for scruffy unkept houses and gardens now popping up in Sutton due to Council estate migrants.

  5. What a sad person you really are…… lets arrange for YOU to stand at centre of Castle Vale and discuss your views with the residents… or are you too scared of the chavs and chavettes as you call them?
    And you don’t know me, you don’t know my job and I assure you I’m not a chav or a martian.
    Please grow up!

  6. haha Sutton all cash no class…….champagne taste and larger money, mutton dressed as lamb loose legged females and i love me geezaz, place is full of xxxx to be fair it’s got nothing interesting about it. I find it quite a dull place with not much going on apart from ur standard run of the mill shopping center that really focuses on spoilt students and old toffs. Fri and sat night it’s just a typical Wannabe only way is essex crossed with shameless. Now if you were talking about somewhere decent such as bearwood or Edgbsaton then yeh u could brag but slutten oh behave will ya.

  7. Sutton Coldfiel citizen

    I rest my case you can take the person out of the Vale but you can’t take the Vale out of the person. There is a reason why council estates exist and there is a reason why people want to leave them. If the Vale is so good then why do the Vale expats not want to go back to their roots. The only good thing on the Vale is Sainsburys. The only reason I would not stand in the middle of the Vale and speak is because I would be mugged or abused by the mob mentality of a select few of the inhabitants. Perhaps its borders could be enlarged and it be given Town status, Possibly renaming it Benefit Town or Scrounge Town.

  8. J. P. Harnett

    Can you read what you are typing…..? I have never read such rubbish in my life. I was a councillor for many years and had the good fortune of working very closely with the residents of Castle Vale as well as Lord Robin Corbett of CASTLE VALE, someone who was PROUD to be associated with the estate and the good people who live there.
    I suggest that if you don’t like the vale you need to shop at Sainsburys at Mere Green… surely that is closer for you?
    But saying that I have read that the car thefts on Sainsburys car park at Mere Green are very high… next you’ll be saying its all the yobs from the Vale popping over to rob from the rich residents.
    You also have Waitrose and Marks and Spencer’s in Sutton… not forgetting Aldi, I’m informed that many residents of Sutton like to shop there.

    Like the other posts have stated I find it incredible that someone who does not live on the estate would bother to go onto a forum about the estate and bad mouth the people who live there.
    I was born in Essex and now live in Tamworth; I come on this site to read the positive stories of the estate and the residents.
    You do seem a very bigoted person and surely the moderators of this site should not tolerate discrimination against anyone especially young people.

    By the way I do my shopping in Tamworth that does not mean that I contact the Tamworth Herald about the residents of Tamworth. I have been to Sutton many times, many of the residents are nice, hardworking BUT I have come across yobs, chavs, scroungers and people who think that because they live in Sutton that makes them better than anyone else. Please rest assure that it doesn’t. Did you know it is more expensive to purchase a house on Castle Vale than it is in Sutton Coldfield and the housing boom on the Vale has flourished over the last few years?
    For example your precious Sainsburys decided to build a store on the estate, surely a large multi-billion pound company wouldn’t waste their money with yobs and chavs… or are they hoping that the good people of Sutton Coldfield jump into their Mercedes and Bentleys and mix with the chavs of the Vale so they can purchase their weekly shopping.

    The fact that you feel it appropriate to comment on an article that promotes young people and children is beggar’s belief.

    I suggest that if you feel so passionate about your thoughts on Castle Vale that you take Ex-Vale’s advice and visit the estate and discuss your thoughts with the residents. Maybe you could do it in Sainsburys as I’m sure the security will protect you from the yobs and chavs. But saying that the security are probably from the estate as well as the managers and staff. Shame.

    I’ll pray for you tonight.

  9. Sutton Coldfiel citizen

    My opinions are broad based and not personal to any single individual, unlike your comments. Discipline, the instilling of moral fibre and stricter laws for wrong doing will clean up places like the Vale and encourage decent people to live without fear of theft or harm. I and friends and colleagues have had a long history the negative points of the Vale. As for the school Bishop Vesey or Fairfax it most definitely is not. Why is this you may ask, well its because of discipline and well behaved youth.