Chivenor School governors say YES to academy

Governors at Chivenor School last week agreed to apply for academy status. If successful, they will break away from Birmingham Education Authority, and be managed by an academy organisation. The governors have chosen Prospect as their preferred partner.
Chivenor has been under pressure to take some action in view of its performance in the league tables.
Last year, Chivenor School came 247th on the list of Birmingham’s 275 schools.
Only half of Year 6 pupils at the school achieved the levels expected in English and maths.
Michale Gove, the Government’s Education Secretary, has said that 60% is the minimum standard he will accept for all primary schools in English and maths.
Chivenor’s headteacher Melissa Louca and the chair of governors will meet with local authority bosses next week to discuss the plans.


10 responses to “Chivenor School governors say YES to academy

  1. How stupid you only have to look at the privatisation of the public services we already had to see it’s the wrong choice. time will tell

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