Daily Archives: April 27, 2012

YES to 20mph speed zone in Castle Vale, according to early responses from locals

Almost two thirds of residents are in favour of having a 20mph speed zone across the whole of Castle Vale, according to initial responses received by the Council.
61.7% of the responses received said YES to the 20mph limit; 26.6% said NO; 11.7% were returned with no comment.
Some of the comments against the proposed speed zone suggested that the 20mph limit would not be feasible around the whole estate and should be imposed only near the schools.
The proposal for the 20mph speed zone must now go through a formal process of consultation before a decision is made. The Council says this will take place in May/June though no specific dates have been identified yet.
Work on the proposed zebra crossing in Farnborough Road will begin in mid May.
82% of residents said YES to the zebra crossing; 5% said NO and 13% offered no comment.
The Council received 94 responses for the zebra crossing and for the speed zone proposals.