Schools closed for polling day

Chivenor, Pegasus and Topcliffe Schools will all be closed for polling day, Thursday 3rd May.
Voting will take place for the City Council elections, and for the mayoral referendum. One voting paper wil ask voters to decide whether they want Birmingham Council to be run by a mayor directly elected by all voters in Birmingham, every four years, as London is, or whether they would prefer to stay with the current system, in which the 120 councillors elect their own leader.
The other voting paper will ask voters to elect one councillor for the Tyburn ward.
Councillors hold office for four years.  Ann Holtom (Lib Dem) is standing for re-election. She is being challenged by Doug Pullen (Conservative), Mick Brown (Labour), Lee Moore (Green) and Peter Hickman (BNP). Polling stations are open from 7am till 10pm on Thursday 3rd May.


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