Tezlin wins Castle Vale’s Got Talent 2012: Whitney lives on

Tezlin Newell Harding, winner of Castle Vale’s Got Talent 2012, being interviewed after receiving her trophy, by the show’s presenter Trevor Evans

Tezlin Newell Harding has won Castle Vale’s Got Talent 2012 tonight. She had been runner-up in the event for the past three years.
One of the judges,Tobi Earnshaw told her: “Wow, you have got everything, haven’t you,” after hearing her perform Million Dollar Bill. 17 year-old Tobi, who performed for the audience during the interval, has himself just been awarded a recording contract following a tour of the USA.

Singers took all of the top four prizes. Two of the top three performers, Tezlin and Tara Mahoney performed classics by American soul singer Whitney Houston, who died earlier this year.
Trevor Evans hosted the show to a packed audience at Castle Vale School.The three judges watched 24 acts before selecting their top four.
There were some outstanding performances. This year’s runners-up, Steven Mcvey and his younger brother Daniel gave a superb performance of a John Lennon song.
Tara Mahoney, now a senior pupil at the school, came third. Her rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you’ was quite brilliant, and was being tipped by many as a potential winner.
Young singer Liam Tustin came fourth.


10 responses to “Tezlin wins Castle Vale’s Got Talent 2012: Whitney lives on

  1. CVGT Audience Member

    She shouldnt have been allowed to enter again , she came 2nd three years running meaning that no one else had the oppurtunity . Then coming first , i think it’s stupid she was allowed back in. There were cleraly more talented peformers. I just cant believe all singers won not even a dance group. Just because the ‘famous’ judge was a singer

  2. Wot u being jel 4 :0)

  3. June Allen

    I agree to an extent, the younger members who were nervous as it was their first apperance didnt get a proper shot at it with a person who has obviously had alot of stage experience. There was alot of talent out there, dancers comedians & singers, some of them have’nt found thier true voices yet as they are young and the voice changes.
    But it was an excellent night. I thought the biscuit boys were great,Triangles, and a great vocal from double act Amy & Charlotte, well done to you all. You are all winners because you got up and had a go and did your best, thats all you can do. But for alot of the newby’s, WATCH THIS SPACE !!!!!!!!!!! excellent.

  4. Hugely successful evening. It is reassuring to see that at least one aspect of this school can be a beacon of excellence. The performing arts team at he school, including Trevor Evans, deserve both praise and thanks for staging this event. There are many great teachers and staff at the school and plenty of youngsters willing to learn and take advantage of the opportunities a dedicated staff present to them. With new leadership and governance, things could be so much better. Change please.

  5. Tezlin deserved the win, her performance was amazing! Big shout out to ‘Generations’ choir!!!

  6. Another wonderful evening staged by the school. The performing arts team, including Trevor Evans, are to be congratulated for making this such a success. It is the one area of the school that is truly outstanding. There are many excellent teachers and staff at the school. They are working with pupils who are keen to take the opportunities the school presents. With better leadership the excellence of the performing arts could become the norm for the school. Unfortunately, the present leadership incumbents seemingly unconcerned for the state and reputation of the school. I wish they would do the decent thing and stand aside so the pupils and staff can receive the inspirational and compassionate leadership they deserve.

  7. Well done Tezlin! And it’s not just about the competition, every performance is an experience and a learning opportunity. Enjoy your talent.

  8. A pround Catle Vale resident

    The most important thing here is that everyone enjoyed themselves. The kids had a great show and I’m pround to call one of the preformers my litte brother.
    The bond between the kids is amazing. they all seem like great friends having gone through this experience together. Makes me miss school…. Slightly. :o)

    Well done to all,

  9. it should have been Liam Tustin

  10. lisa Da-Costa

    If anybody knows Tezlin like I know Tezlin you would be giving this young woman a lot more credit and respect than she has received of late. Tezlin grew up on Castle Vale and as some of you know has been involved in performing arts from a very young age. I personally met Tezlin whilst working alongside Glen Heman at the Astral center and at that time she was a pupil at Castle Vale school. Up until she left for University she took part in a wide variety of shows and projects. On finishing University and attaining her grades she then came back to Castle Vale and started a small dance project. My point is this: This young woman whom i say is a natural born talent and has followed her dreams has tirelessly been giving to the community of both her time and her talent without so much as a grumble. She is a dedicated and very giving person and takes her dance and performing arts seriously. She has achieved a lot for a young person but only through hard work and effort put in on her part and with the good support of her Mother and sisters. The fact that she won this competition is minor really as whether she won or not she would still be a winner because of what she gives. By now she should have a purpose built dance studio on here not to benefit her but because as a dance teacher she has more than proved that she is committed to what she does and has also no doubt had a very positive impact on a lot of little girls and teenagers by showing them what they can achieve support them in achieving they’re dreams and also giving them something constructive and fun to do instead of just hanging round the streets. I think she deserves a big round of applause. A Mother that works and still finds the time to give to the community….