Ann Holtom loses Tyburn Council seat

Mick Brown (Labour) has been voted in as Labour councillor for the Tyburn ward on Birmingham City Council. He polled more than twice the number of votes  given to the sitting councillor, Ann Holtom at yesterday’s local election, and more votes than all of the other candidates put together.
Ann Holtom has been councillor for Tyburn for the past eight years. She was first voted in as a Labour councillor but defected to the Lib Dem party in 2006.

The results of Tyburn’s May 2012 council election are:
Mick Brown (Labour) 1,924 votes
Peter Hickman (BNP) 248
Ann Holtom (Lib Dem) 982
Lee Moore (Green) 144
Doug Pullen (Conservative) 467

All three of Tyburn’s councillors are now representing the Labour Party. They are: Mick Brown, Mike Sharpe, Lynda Clinton.

The turnout of voters at yesterday’s election was very low. In the 2011 election in Tyburn, 4,695 people voted. This year, the number dropped to 3,765  –  a fall of almost 20%.
Tyburn usually has one of the lowest voter turnouts in Birmingham. Yesterday was no exception. Tyburn had the third lowest number of voters of the 40 wards in Birmingham. Only Ladwood and Shard End had fewer people casting their vote than Tyburn.
Yesterday it seems that the rainy weather combined with voter apathy to keep people away from the polling stations.
In May 2010 when Lynda Clinton was re-elected as Labour Councillor, 8,662 people voted in Tyburn. On that occasion, Councillor Clinton herself polled more votes than all five parties managed between them yesterday. The higher turnout on that occasion was largely due to the General Election taking place on the same day.


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