Eleven hundred through turnstiles at Vale Stadium for Villa Old Stars game

Over 1,100 people went through the turnstiles today at Vale Stadium to watch Aston Villa Old Stars play a Castle Vale XI. Organiser Chris Allen described it as ‘a great day.’
“I know it’s hard work,” he said, in a note of thanks to his fellow organisers, “but I would love to see more days like that in the stadium.”
“The support was absolutely fantastic. I really do appreciate everyone’s efforts and I have no doubts that we have made a great contribution towards ‘Callum’s Wish Appeal’.”


5 responses to “Eleven hundred through turnstiles at Vale Stadium for Villa Old Stars game

  1. Danny Ryan MBE

    I would like to pay a tribute to Chris Allen and his organising assistants for a truly wonderful day. (Sunday May 13th)

    You should all be very proud for what you have all achieved.

    Chris and his team will know that it is hard work, but you will always get out of something what you have all put in.

    You all worked hard to make it happen and made it a great day for everybody.

    It was really nice for me personally to come along and support the day and be a spectator for the first time as opposed to previous years.

    Well done to everybody involved in showing Castle Vale again at its best in bringing people together, for the right reasons.

  2. same old same old !! lets have something different for a change

  3. Well said Mr Ryan…a fantastic day for a fantastic young man

  4. What are you referring to?

  5. Sandra Ball

    A lot of people worked extremely hard for the event and everybody who was there had a great time. It was extremely productive and I for one am very proud of Castle Vale.