Castle Vale School: headteacher to resign

Clive Owen, headteacher of Castle Vale School, has announced to his staff that he intends to resign at the end of term. He made the brief statement at a full staff meeting this afternoon at 3.15pm.
In a statement to Tyburn Mail, Mr Owen said: “As the school moves to convert to academy status I have taken the decision that this is an appropriate point to resign my post as Head Teacher at Castle Vale Performing Arts College.
We have been pleased to have been able to raise GCSE results considerably in the past eight years and I am sure we will see considerable further gains this summer. I wish the school every success in the future as an academy.”
A delegation from AET (Academies Enterprise Trust) plan to visit the school in June as part of the ‘due diligence’ procedure before taking over the management of the school. They will observe lessons and analyse the school’s data and statistics.
A two-week consultation period for the academy proposal begins on 18th June. A public meeting has been called for 27th June.
The governors of Castle Vale School are meeting tonight.


44 responses to “Castle Vale School: headteacher to resign

  1. This is good news for the school and community. While I wish Mr. Owen well it was clear that the school needed a new direction and new leadership. He has done the right thing and should be applauded for that. .
    Let us hope the school appoints a new leader who can do exactly that – lead. Someone who can earn the trust and respect of the parents, staff and above all the pupils of the school and repair the damage done. Big job to do and probably the most important job on the Vale. Good luck to the new person.

  2. Gardening leave for Mr Owen

  3. Thank god xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!…. Slowly dreams do become true! 😀

  4. Bring Mr White back as head teacher

  5. Mr xxxxxxx*

  6. what about xxxxxxx?

  7. and you as deputy DB?

  8. Thank you Mr Owen for doing the right thing for the school and community.

  9. Clive works long hours and tries hard.

    He has made this school what it is.

  10. I wholeheartedly agree. But has he chosen the right thing, I wonder, or was the right decision forced upon him?

  11. Well Mr Owen has resigned. Maybe you should now all leave him alone to get on with his life. He has given you all what you want.
    Now what will the new head be like I ask myself. Will he / she be treated the same when he / she puts their own ideas into practice in the school. What’s that saying ‘better the devil you know’ Watch this space!

  12. He’s still got almost a term of power, so we can’t take our eye off the ball just yet.

    The community didn’t look to find fault. Just because we spoke up about a situation doesn’t mean we are difficult or fussy troublemakers.

  13. You don’t have to put up with any devils. You are missing the point. The staff are hard working and are not against change per se. It was the inconsistent and poor management style that caused the problems. The simple fact that the school could not be staffed properly says it all.

  14. Villatilidie

    Excellent news for the school and most of all the pupils. Let’s hope the new head is not afraid of supporting the staff because failure to do so will be terrible. I hope this event causes the remaining weak managers (mentioning no names!) to find posts elsewhere. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. bring back Mr xxxxx (for Head) and Mr xxxxxx for eputy head. Get rid of the rest!

  16. Why when names are being mentioned have they ‘xxxxxxx’ them? Mr Bennett and Mr White should be brought back asap.

  17. excellent news for the school pupils and the staff….lets hope that they give Mr White the opputunity to come back…..all that needs to be done now is bring some of the staff into line as some are not upto scratch lets hope that the academy status improves on what the school is and has good luck to all the pupils over the next term before he finally goes for good

  18. Thank god for that although I don’t think he had a choice really with so many teachers against him. Good riddance now they just need to address xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

  19. Lisa Da-Costa

    Mr White should be the new headmaster of Castle Vale school he’s strict but always remained fair has a good relationship with both pupils and parents and knows the school and the estate inside out….He was there when I was a pupil and when my son was a pupil and his style of teaching and his personality has never changed, he’s a good committed teacher make him the Head…

  20. Does it really matter now?? Some people are never happy!

  21. Given the reputation of the school at the moment, would anyone actually want the job of Head?

  22. I am concerned by some of the comments on this string. While it is true that the leadership of the school is deeply flawed, the key person responsible has now resigned. Although they should have quit much earlier, we should now leave them be. They will have negotiated an extremely generous exit package and already have a nice new push bike. Let them peddle off into the sunset.
    The school should now look to the future and all our thoughts should be about the new leader who will take on the huge task of turning the school around. This blog reveals that there are factions at this school and an especially deep schism exists between the teaching professionals and some of the senior management team. The new appointee should first aim to bring the staff together, heal the wounds and begin to build them into a coherent team. Only then can they set about making the school a better place for pupils to learn and for staff to work

  23. My Goodness..just been reading the letters on here you have got what you want…now start doing your job and teach the kids don’t you think that you are giving the school a bad name with all the statements on here and one post saying about their cards being marked well that’s a form of bullying …you want to watch yourselves because it could be you one day having YOUR CARDS MARKED… just grow up and start doing your job

  24. What a brave person you are, cyber bullying and making judgements. Actually admitting to victimising and bullying out one person and making further threats. You should check the law on harassment and bullying through blogs before you put yourself at such risk

  25. Atleast you are admitting his teaching is not up to scratch, stuck in the 1970s style LOL

  26. Atlast someone talking some sense and not siding with the bullying behaviour of those hiding behind the union woman’s skirts

  27. It is wrong to suggest that there is no effective leadership in the school. Just look at how successful the Union representative was in galvanising members of the NASUWT into a purposeful and dynamic group. Membership grew as professionals responded to the clear direction and legitimate agenda the union offered. They were also prepared to accept they did not have all the answers and sought advice and guidance from union officers Anne Brimacombe and Wayne Bates. Wise leadership indeed. Of course it helped that their cause was just, fighting for higher standards and a better deal for the children they serve.
    What followed was a tremendous show of solidarity and collegiality that came to a peak when close on fifty members chose to follow their representative onto the picket line. That is leadership – inspiring loyalty and generating a collective spirit keen for change and improvement. What a pity the management of the school could not have learnt from that example.
    Moreover, the union leadership showed a degree of compassion and understanding unfamiliar to many of the staff. Teachers who had important examination classes to teach asked for, and were immediately granted, special dispensation to work. Even the few union members who felt they were unable to take industrial action had their views respected. They were not ‘targeted’ or treated disrespectfully for holding views contrary to the party line. Again, this should have been a salient lesson for the school leadership on how to win the trust and respect of colleagues. Unfortunately, the school leadership were blind to all this. Key message – you have to have the respect of individuals, you can’t be a leader if so few want to follow.

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  30. Bickington

    Sore losers. The victims here are the staff who had to endure the adverse management practices perpetrated upon them by the leadership.
    I salute the union members who took action.

  31. He has left the school!!! Doesn’t that say it all

  32. Bring back Mr Cowmeadow of castle vale comp he was magic

  33. I too salute the teachers. With acknowledgement to Winston, ‘if Castle Vale School and it’s Performing Arts College last for a thousand years, people will still say, This was their finest hour’

  34. teachers were very brave but don’t forget that the kids helped too.

  35. Teachers brave! Is that what you call it! I certainly wouldn’t. If they put as much effort into their teaching as they did into their attack against the headteacher then the students would have been much more settled and achieving much more. Good engaging teaching produces good results. I for one will be very sad to see Mr Owen go.

  36. worried parent

    bullying and harrassment!! come on! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You can always tell how a business treats its staff by the turnover of staff and not just any staff, the good staff!! look of Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Donaldson – they were the best Castle Vale had and both of them loved working in that school. From what I heard, none of them teachers wanted to leave!

  37. I think we should all resepct mr owen for trying a new approach (not really), i think we should respect mr owen for realising that his approach isnt what the was needed ……i think the young people of castle vale should now prove governers and the LEA wrong by working hard to gain a better future for themselves….Mr owen you tried…. you failed…. all the best!!!
    oh and for the record people who are in support of mr owen you cant just blame castle vale what was the school he worked at before….and what happened there….case and point!!!

  38. If the management of the school had been better there would have been more engaging lessons, and the staff would not have taken any action. It’s all about cause and effect. What happened was a rare occurrence in education, hence the media interest. Staff turnover is a good indication of institutional health. It’s surprising how many staff the management spurned went on to better jobs, and happier lives.

  39. Bring back mr Cowmeadow and mr Bird. they were great teachers as were mr Blackhall mr Humphries and the headmaster who used to wear a dickie bow tie. The teachers in the 70s and 80s were great.

  40. I think the Legal Eagle has covered this elsewhere. I do not approve of bullying in any form, but the “bullying” here has not ruined people’s lives and careers!

  41. There was a call for staff in the school to pull together and support each other. Good, that is how it should be.
    Then xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a bundle of letters giving formal notification that salary allowances were now cut under the new structure. In some cases these ‘private and confidential’ letters were tossed to teachers while they were with classes.
    Hardly a way to inspire loyalty.

  42. I’m astonished that anyone can give a thumbs down to this entry. Can only assume they condone such behaviour. Behaviour that is at best thoughtless, at worst spiteful. No wonder that the union held a successful campaign against adverse management practices.
    We know that AET have identified a new pair of professionals to take the helm. They are relocating to Birmingham to do so and have a formidable record of improving schools. Why do we have to wait for the new head and deputy AET? The school needs them now.

  43. can someone tell us more about this new headteacher and deputy headteacher?

  44. Bickington you mention “a new pair of professionals to take the helm”. Really? The source of your information? That AET have ” identified a new pair” …… two people?