Callum tragedy: driver pleads guilty to causing death by inconsiderate driving

Dale Alan O’Regan of Walmley, Sutton Coldfield pleaded guilty today to causing death by inconsiderate driving.
O’Regan was the driver of the car that fatally collided with 10 year-old Callum Henry in Farnborough Road last September.
O’Regan appeared before a judge at Birmingham Crown Court at 2.30pm this afternoon.
In a brief hearing, O’Regan was asked by the clerk to the court whether he pleaded guilty or not guilty. He mumbled his reply quietly and had to be asked by the clerk to repeat his plea.
Judge Mayo set the date for his sentencing as 20th June 2012.
Pre-sentence reports are being prepared; they include expert evidence which one of the barristers said had been delivered to him last week.
Judge Mayo warned O’Regan that a mandatory ban on driving applied from today. He also warned him that a custodial sentence was a possibility. “All options are open,” Judge Mayo told him.
In March this year, at Birmingham Magistrates Court, O’Regan had pleaded not guilty to the offence.

NB: Even though the defendant has pleaded guilty, until sentence has been passed this case is still active. Comments for this article will not be published if there is a danger of Contempt of Court


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