New headteacher appointed for Castle Vale School

AET (Academies Enterprise Trust) have indicated that the new headteacher of Castle Vale School from September will be a woman who is moving down to the Midlands from the north of England. It is not clear whether she will be appointed on a temporary basis for one term only.
AET plan to run Castle Vale School as an academy from September. They will be inspecting the school for two days later this week, and will be holding a public consultation meeting towards the end of June.


9 responses to “New headteacher appointed for Castle Vale School

  1. It would be nice (and considerate, good manners) if AET annouce this to staff first before it gets reported in the local paper!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. What is it with the Tyburn Mail that any information goes public before the staff are aware! Makes me wonder who is feeding this information outside of the school when it actually affects the staff and students. Surely they should be given the information first!

  3. because these people who inform the vail male have no respect for any one

  4. angry person

    no i think it is because all they want to do is cause trouble as they have very sad pathetic lives , they are cretins in my eyes ….get a life and do the job your paid to do.

  5. You cannot blame Tyburn Mail for reporting the news before AET inform the staff ! Write to AET and ask them why they are making decisions before they have taken over the school.

  6. You are missing the point! How / where are Tyburn mail getting the information from? Doesn’t seem to matter what the news is about the school, Tyburn Mail get it first before the staff! It would be correct surely for those affected to be advised first. Has someone got inside information? And yes I would also question why if this information is correct are AET making these decisions before any consultation has started. Looks like it must be a done deal which makes a mockery of the word consultation.

  7. Never trust thé média 😦 …

  8. I have asked for the people responsible for running the vale mail to disclose who they are but it appears they want to remain secret which is never a good sign in my eyes. I think a complaint should be put it as it is not the first time wrong info re: sensitive matters have been posted. It’s a partnership between all the agencies on here so how come it is run so badly, wnad who is paying…US!

  9. just like the moat lane car park fall vale mail was quick to call it a suicide attempt before the he’s even fell. Then they changed it to a fall….Bad reporting!!!!!!