Vale women pay dearly for television licence offences

Eleven people in Castle Vale, all of them women, were fined a total of £3,360 by Birmingham Magistrates last Friday for using a colour television set without a licence.


8 responses to “Vale women pay dearly for television licence offences

  1. Name and shame
    No doubt all the dodgers smoke and drink
    And walk round in groups

  2. As you’re so keen on names, Anonymous, and feel no shame in posting your spiteful remarks – let’s have YOUR name.

  3. yes they should be named and shamed. i have to pay for a licence so why shouldnt they!!!

  4. I have a TV licence but can understand why people cannot afford to buy one..Name and Shame them? WHY do you lot of ANONS not get enough gossip that you need to have a name so you can point fingers too as well?
    Castle Vale Resident.

  5. We pay for our TV Licence too, but surely being taken to Court, being fined, and getting a criminal conviction are sufficient punishment? You sound like someone who’d have them put in the stocks – & you might even like to be the first to throw stuff at them! Vindictive or what?


  7. Such good kind hearted people these anons are, after all they have never did anything wrong in their life yet hide behide the Anonymous..if you were that righteous your name will be displayed for the people that you so quickly condem.

  8. If they do put their name up they are likely to get harrassed/bullied/victimised by the type of people that have been arreseted for such an office. Correct?