Castle Vale Nursery: outstanding again

Ofsted Inspectors have given Castle Vale Nursery a grade 1, outstanding, for the second time in three years. It is still the only education institution in Castle Vale to be awarded a Grade 1.
Inspectors gave the nursery just two days notice before coming in to observe the children and staff at work.
“This is an outstanding nursery which gives children an excellent start to their education,” says the report, published today.
“It is outstanding because it enables children to become effective, independent learners with a strong spirit of curiosity and an excellent ability to learn through investigation.
“Children achieve exceptionally well in all areas of learning. From starting points that are well below those expected for their age the large majority of children reach their age-related expectations in all areas of learning, with a small minority exceeding them.”
The school is currently being led by acting head Deborah Jones, following the retirement of Lesley Wiltshire last term. A new head starts in September.


2 responses to “Castle Vale Nursery: outstanding again

  1. Excellent news for the younger children of Castle Vale. Well done to all of the staff.

  2. Excellent, well done again. Due credit to all the staff.