Jail for Callum driver

Dale Alan O’Regan, 24, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for causing death by careless driving. CCTV footage indicated that O’Regan had been driving his blue Mazda at 57mph along Farnborough Road last September when he knocked 10 year-old Callum Henry from his bike, causing the youngster to sustain a fatal head injury.
The judge told O’Regan that he would be released after nine months and would serve the rest of the sentence on licence. O’ Regan was also banned from driving for three years.


47 responses to “Jail for Callum driver

  1. absolute joke. 18 months and and a 3 year ban is nothing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. R.I.P.CALLUM XX

  2. this is discusting, xxxxxxxxxxxx!!!

  3. Omg !! Is that it ? 18 poxy months for a child’s life !! Let’s just hope karma really is true xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I bet little Callum’s parents & family are fuming !! I knw I would be xxx god bless callum xxx

  4. How did Vale mail get this info so fast and before the main media….hmmmm i smell a rat

  5. Because the vale mail bothered to attend court!

  6. abdulah khafter

    a bike suitable for a child and a safety helmet wouldent go a miss. also why was a 10 year old boy unnatended on such a busy road. yes it is a tragic accident but moral of the story is take more care of your kids

  7. feel for the familys involved

  8. I’m shocked at this 9 months than out on licence for the remander of the sentance. What does this say about society when a judge does not have an ounce of common sense or compassion for the family or callium. I hope he can look at himself in the mirror. Rant over 😦

  9. You all comment on here, were any of you in court with either of the familys? If not get on with your own lives instead off grabbing your 15 seconds of fame and let the familys involved try and put there shattered lives together…….

  10. Matthew Henry

    Actually the moral of the story is that we have some complete idiots on our roads who don’t give two hoots about anybody else.

    Safety helmet or not, getting hit at 57mph you are extremely unlikely to survive.

    Pointing the blame and telling people to take more care of their kids isn’t really helpful either.

  11. Young “kids” driving at 57mph on a 30mph road & all he gets is 9 months !! id say scrap the jail sentence as come on what’s that gonna achieve !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Tyburn Mail got the information at the same time as the Birmingham Mail as they both attended court. Tyburn Mail put it on a blog today, I am led to believe Birmingham Mail will print the story tomorrow, and it may be that the Tyburn Mail will include a report in its next printed edition. That’s how it works.

  13. Do we all do the speed limit?

  14. I feel for the Henry family because they have lost a child and no matter what prison sentence he recieved would never be enough in my eyes, but also I feel for the members of the other family as they didnt ask for this to happen either,

  15. If he was driving at 30mph Callum would still be here ! And he nearly ran my mates mom over an hour before this happened

  16. you can all make your stupid comments but none of us was there when it happened none of us was up in court so keep ya comments to yourself cause dale is in as much pain as callums family,i witnessed what happened i was there at the time,i was up court so now u can keep out of it and keep your pathetic self,to yourself cause no one wants to hear it,go back to your own lives and keep out of dales.thanks,and remeber he didnt go out to kill him no one is perfect:)rest in peace callum gbnf<3xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. think you need to get your facts rite before you comment

  18. No he never nearly run your mates mom over an hour b4 cause dale was asleep at home an hour b4 I knw that cause I was there so stop chattin xxxx tryin 2 stir things up I dnt no y every1 still goin on bout it his been given his time nw so let every 1 get on wiv there life’s rip Callum x

  19. you say you seen the collision well why did the car get moved from the crime scene. isnt that an offence as well . why was he driving at 57 miles an hour. showing off i believe to his silly little mates .how dare you stick up for dale he has taken a life and must now face facts. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Think you best find out who moved the car before you comment you will be suprised!

  21. the car was moved for a reason WHY

  22. who moved the car?

  23. A child has passed away. I do not find this blog edifying. Let the family grieve.
    Vale mail has done tremendous work in serving this community in challenging organisations like the CVCHA and most notably highlighting the inadequate leadership of the secondary school. Played a part in bringing about much needed change so well done.
    But please, this is far too sensitive a topic to be publically aired. While a debate about the rights or wrongs of the judicial system is a relevant topic, holding it on such a personal and immediate occassion is wrong in my view.
    I wish you would drop it.
    Callum, RIP. God bless the family.

  24. whats this CSI, we wernt ther we dont no just be respectful, do you really think the family need to be going over it again and again lay off people!

  25. Yeah ok……he lives by her and he was goin home !!

  26. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx why dont you all try and let the family try and put there lives back together now its over. I cant imagin how the family is feeling and also the young lad driving has this on hisconcience for the rest of his life. thats must be absolute tortur and I can relate to that as my very close friend was in a ery similar situation. please lt them grieve amongst themselves. you may think your helping but your making people upset and angry R.I.P kidda

  27. ahhhh so now we know who the old grey haired guy was lurking around crown court

  28. and how did you get a job at vale mail, back door policy as I have never seen posts advertised for vale mail your all a bit secretive aren’t you well you will all be exposed in due course

  29. Instead of blaming the people for making comments which they have a right to do everybody will have an opinion whether it’s wanted or not because Castle Vale likes nothing more than something to talk about it thrives and feeds off drama mainly due to the fact that a lot don’t know of life off the estate and obviously lead dull lives. My blame goes to the idiots running this site as they have no journalistic qualifications and no guidelines for people to follow regarding comments. they make anonymous comments themselves which just makes them more secretive. I would like to know exactly who is running vale mail and I don’t think it’s a lot to ask.

  30. A tragic accident because of an idiotic driver not taking care and paying attention he has been sentenced to a custodial sentence weather you agree with the length of time that’s what the court saw fit to pass. now this is a personal view and does not mean any offense but a 10 year old boy should not be unaccompanied by a main road what ever the situation i live on the vale and day after day i see children of ages no older than 7-8 years old being allowed to play in the roads it is a disgrace and parents should take heed from this

  31. r.i.p calum x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx nuff said

  32. You xxxxx ! 57 mph and you tell him to wear a helmet? Ill mow you down next time i see you !

  33. A tragedy is waiting around every corner, just think it could be related to you, I wonder if you would feel the same reading about it on this site or any other would you comment then? ….. There by the grace of GOD go. thinking of both familys involved xxx R.I.P callumxxxx

  34. I totally agree insiting anger among people, just so they will have another story to write about.

  35. Poor Callum, he could of matured into a nice, mature boy, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  36. It was proven in court that my boy was in no way to blame and it was solely the fault of mindless driving! Thanks for all the support. Much love

  37. i think its a disgrace 9months in jail is nothink his mom and dad have to live with forver xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx my son knew callum and it brings tears to my eyes callum you are sadly missed and never forgotton you didnt deserve this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  38. how dare you compare xxxxs pain with poor callums familys he should not be driving that speed down down farnbrough road xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx makes me sick

  39. thats the difference xxxx can callum cant and maybe people like you should put your self in callums family shoes

  40. That makes YOU just as bad how dare you comment!!!!!

  41. everyone else no’s who moved the car,

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    Ive just read the vale mail and after reading the list of offences that dale had previous to this incident, I am absolutely appalled that he has only received this minor sentence. Where’s the justice??


  44. So agree there

  45. 18 months it should of been more ppl do least harmless crime Wat get more time justice services are wrong . R I p Callum x x