Callum crossing: work starts Monday

Work starts on a new pedestrian crossing in Farnborough Road on Monday 25th June. It will be adjacent to the swimming pool and Chivenor School, near the spot where ten year-old cyclist Callum Henry was killed by a motorist last September. The work is expected to take five weeks.


8 responses to “Callum crossing: work starts Monday

  1. Ive just read the vale mail and after reading the list of offences that dale had previous to this incident, I am absolutely appalled that he has only received this minor sentence. Where’s the justice??

  2. who will use this crossing when pedestrains cross where they like i am all for road safety but pedestrians need to beware of road safety aswell as drivers
    what happen to the green cross code

  3. It takes FIVE WEEKS?

  4. I saw just 2 days ago 2 children under 8 walking along the Farnbourgh and they just walked out and crossed the road, where were the parents? They would be the first to scream if god forbid something terrible had happened, as it was the driver saw them and slowed….if parents won’t take responsibilty for their young ones no amount of crossings anywhere on Castle Vale will help.

  5. The parents were probably on here or facebook worried they might miss somthing!

  6. Before you put any blame on parenting try asking yourself the following question. On an estate with 4 primary schools 3 nurseries 3 youth groups why would there not be not one crossing provision for children to safely cross the Road. Does it not makes sense to have them with so many children on the estate, but no instead they chose to waste the money on xxxx such as useless statues bike lanes that no one uses cos your likely to get knocked off your bike. We once had underpasses that would allow kids to avoid crossing the Road completely. Why don’t you sack a couple of wardens as they are a waste of our money and don’t do anything useful in fact you don’t even see them on the streets any more at all. Instead why don’t you employ some crossing wardens and make good use of our money. Maybe getting shot of the plastic coppers we pay for might help as they spend more time loitering around the security stand at sainsbury than actually doing any constructive work!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The idiots in charge of this estate want to start putting our money where we want not where they think it should go…end of!

  8. Policy of C.V.C.H.A = Problem reaction solution. They create problems wait for us to react then offer stupid solutions….Stop creating problems just so you can get more funding the following year. Don’t believe me do the research for yourselves.