Castle Vale School: a lesson in hip-hop, rock and fun

high fives all round from Clement

Yet another success for Castle Vale School’s Performing Arts Department – they are getting quite a reputation for hosting live concerts for ambitious artistes from across the UK. This time, pupils from Years 8, 9 and 10 were treated to a 40-minute live concert by Clement Marfo and the Front Line, an up and coming hip-hop/rock band from South London.
This is the fourth live concert staged at the school this year, and once again, the band enjoyed it as much as the pupils. “We’ve loved it here, really loved it,” lead singer Clement told the audience.
The school’s Performing Arts team have a knack of getting in live acts with plenty of appeal, and finding the right balance between keeping a sense of order amongst hundreds of pupils in school uniform, whilst still allowing the youngsters to enjoy the concert and have some fun.
Pictures: click here


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