Castle Vale School: changes on the way

Charlotte Blencowe, the new headteacher of Castle Vale School, told a public meeting tonight that an outstanding education is “a right, and not a privilege.” She spoke briefly to the audience of around 40 people in the school hall: parents, teaching staff and members of community organisations.
AET (Academies Enterprise Trust) regional director David Kershaw fielded most of the questions about the school’s future.
“Teachers will undergo three days of intensive training,” he said. “Within a matter of weeks, there will be absolute clarity about what is expected.”
“Every youngster will achieve. Every youngster has to behave,” he told the audience.
There will be a focus on teaching standards and pupil behaviour, but they do not envisage an increase in pupil suspensions or expulsions. They will promote ‘discipline with dignity.’ They expect significant improvements in GCSE results in future years. Senior teaching staff will be appointed to the English and maths departments for September.
AET hope to be running the school by September, when Miss Blencowe officially takes up her position as headteacher, though they may have to wait until October or November for final approval from government.
Despite the major changes to the school’s governance, Charlotte Blencowe advised that changes will not be instant or dramatic. “System change is like filo pastry,” she said. “It has to happen layer by layer, slowly.”


6 responses to “Castle Vale School: changes on the way

  1. Some wise initial words from a Headteacher with a great deal to do. I wish her and especially the students great success.

  2. Let’s hope they’re not merely “aspirational waffle”…

  3. Only 40 people turned up and that included staff ………. not many parents bothered then!

  4. Just goes to show that a lot of parents are really just not interested in their children’s education. Why were they not there questioning the new headteacher to see what she and the academies enterprise trust would be doing to help their children? Seems like they put more effort into organising a petition to remove the current Headteacher than ensuring that the new Headteacher is right for Castle Vale.

  5. You should not imagine that non-attendance means “I don’t care”. If we had very negative memories of our school days we may take a lot of convincing that things have changed, Let’s give the new head a chance. The community will buy in when they think they can!

  6. Well I disagree. Parent interest and attendance to meetings for all information regarding their childs education is important. Will be too late to change anything now consultation nearly over!