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  1. David & Joan Townsend

    We would just like to say a big thank to Bob Brueton and all those who made the outing to Weston yesterday (8/8/11) such a good day. Everybody kept the times for getting on and off the coaches ok. It was bit windy and the sand was flying everywhere but it was a good day out! Many thanks to all.

  2. The voting period for the Neighbourhood Partnership Board Resident Board Members elections is still open until Monday 22nd August. All Castle Vale residents on the public version of the electoral regsiter should have received their ballot pack. All Castle Vale Residents over the age of 18 years old are able to vote. If you have not recevied a ballot pack and would like to vote please call the election helpine on 07874 657 290.
    Carla Belle

  3. David & Joan Townsend

    We are pleased to see Castle Vale won their opening F.A. cup game 3-1 last night – well done!

  4. how come switch radio has no residents

  5. I wonder if any vale mail readers who lived on the estate at the time remember this and whether they know if any explanation was ever given. It’s something that has remained a mystery to me to this day.
    I lived in Cadbury drive at the time and I think this happened in either 1988 or 1989.Must have been about autumn time around 8/8.30 in the evening. I was in the kitchen doing something and happened to have a peek out the window – I was always taking a quick peek out the window as there was a lot of crime on the estate at the time.
    A fog started to descend. It became very dense very quickly, and once settled a very strange noise started up. I’ve never heard anything like it before or since. The only way I can describe it was like the sound of a huge factory or engine (although even that only goes part of the way to describe it). It sounded some way off but it also seemed to surround the house; as if you were in the middle of the sound. I’m not sure how long it went on; about 45 to 60 minutes.
    The noise suddenly stopped as quickly as it had started and once it did the dense fog also quickly lifted.
    The following evening (same time as previous evening) exactly the same thing happened. The fog, the noise, lasted the same duration of time. It was never to happen again after that though. It was a truly unnerving experience.

  6. Re july issue of the vale mail. I don,t always get the paper delivered to my house so l may be a little late with the response to this. Benefit Changes,
    I have lived in my home for 30 years, we work, and have worked hard to make our house a home, our children have grown and flown, we are now left in a 3 bedroomed house, we would like to down size but there are not many 1 or 2 bedroomed houses built in the area we live in, we don’t want a flat. we have lots of things to take with us that we worked hard to get. During the current un employment situation I have not always been in work, I have had to claim jsa, and we struggled to keep afloat on 1 wage, the outgoings are still the same on 1 wage or 2, the food bill, the heating bill, the house insurance ect. Its not our fault that some times we may need to claim benefits to enable us to keep going, or that we live in a 3 bedroomed property that we don’t really need anymore. So how horrified was l to read that the next time l’m out of work and may need some assistance, l will get penalized for having that extra bedroom.
    I know people are waiting for houses , but I feel like we are going to be forced out of our home,

  7. how can they justify this, ok there is a housing shortage, there is a row of 4 bed houses by me where not 1 of the families need them now, all the kids have gone, 3 of the families are over 50. Another area there is a couple in their 30’s with 1 child have a 4 bed house, and 2 seperate 4 bed houses as i’ve been told of are occupied by single parents with one child, how does that happen!
    I have been looking for an exchange into a 2 bed house, some of the rents are higher than what i’m paying now.
    Yes the benefit system needs sorting out, so does the housing system

  8. This is not a problem or issue that is unique to Castle Vale, it is common all over the country where Social Housing exists. What needs to happen is for more ‘appropriate’ housing to be made available that is attractive to people in larger houses to ‘downsize’ to smaller properties, and with tenancy conditions that are not restrictive or prohibitive to people giving up larger homes.

    Yes the benefit and housing systems need sorting out but what is proposed is going to cause so much more homelessness that it will cost the government even more in temporary housing and just put more money into the pockets of unscrupulouse ‘private landlords’. How does this help anyone, can someone please explain?

  9. No Ian we do not need more houses built just so C.V.C.H.A can rip more offf us in high rents. Whether it happens all over Birmingham or not is irelevent Castle Vale is run mainly by C.V.C.H.A so its up to them to sort out. They look after their staff well and many of them are in properties they dont need!!!!! one rule all the time

  10. Please tell me ananymous just where did I say CVCHA needs to build more properties? As for high rents, central Government has been setting the level of rents for the past 11 years, and considering that half of the properties that become available for rent on Castle Vale have to be offered to Council nominations; and considering that the Council are responsible for housing strategy in the city, whatever happens in Birmingham is very relevant to Castle Vale. You know very little and assume so much.

  11. is there any news about the skylank pub yet because we used to use it everyweekend

  12. It’s funny you should mention CVCHA with their rip off rents. I have recently found out that their employees get a cushty discount on their rent. Their rent is a percentage of their salary, a mere 10%.

    So, a receptionist for example on a salary of £16,000 will pay £1,600 per year (132 per month) on rent whilst the rest of us pay around £350 per month. Fair? I think not.

    Their properties were built with OUR money, if they are offering discounts then this should apply to everyone.

  13. What an utter load of codswallop, where do you get you information from Anonymous, out of a Christmas cracker. I know for a fact that staff at CVCHA do not get a discount on their rent, I worked there for a number of years and would be happy to prove to anyone who comes out from behind their mask of anonymity and backs up their claims with facts that their staff do not get rent discounts or discounts of any kind whatsoever.

  14. Ian,

    I’m sorry to discredit your statement above but you are in fact wrong, ‘Anonymous’ is indeed correct

    My ex-partner workes for the CVCHA and when I lived with her we did get a substantial discount. I’m not going to publish her name because it isn’t fair.

    Maybe when you were there they didn’t give the discounts, or you position didn’t qualify you for one? I don’t know.


  15. Thanks for this ‘information’ Mark, but it must have been a long time ago, and your wife must have been a elderly scheme warden or a caretaker who transferred from Birmingham City Council to CVCHA under TUPE regulations. No current staff get discounts on their rent from CVCHA. The only way they get a discount off rent is through Housing Benefit if they are on a low wage. Sorry to have to disappoint all you CVCHA ‘knockers’.

  16. Sounds like somebody is trying to ‘cover up’ here.. So whilst I struggle to pay my rent cvcha employees have it nice and easy.

    Nice job if you can get it.

  17. If you really want to find out the truth, you could always ask for a disclosurew under the Freedom of Information act. I don’t suppose anyone will do that though as it doesnt suit their case to find out the truth. After all, isn’t the saying ‘why let the truth get in the way of a good story’.

  18. this is an absolute disgace if its true. i like others struggle to pay my rent and find this outragious. just what really goes on in them offices does make you think. is anything done above board.
    this really does need to be looked into as a matter of urgency. the cvcha are making a laughing stock out of us rent payers. (people who work hard to pay their way and not rely on benefits)

  19. how about calling in the birmingham evening mail. interesting!

  20. Wendy (a different one)

    Sometimes I despair at the rubbish people put on this blog. No CVCHA staff do not get a discount on their rent. I can categorically say I do and have never received a discount. What does annoy me is every other tenant can be put in for the prize draw for having their rent up to date, but I can not.

    I pay £425 a month in rent, I wish I had a discount, oh and I also pay full council tax. Would you like to see my rent statement?

    Anonymous (which ever one you are?) call in the birmingham evening mail, call in anyone you want to as these allegations are just a load of nonsense and the truth should come out.

  21. Wendy (a different one)

    Error in above message should read I do not in the third line.

  22. why is it you cannot go into the draw.
    thats another one of cvcha ideas thats not fair either. why should people whos rent is paid for by benefits be eligable for this draw. they do nothing but sit on their backsides all day long get all the benefits and stand a chance of winning. it should only be for resedents who pay their rent with hard earned cash not state handouts!
    you obviously work for cvcha as you are very protective of them !!!!

  23. Wendy (a different one)

    I can not go into the draw, because I do work for CVCHA/CVCRS.

    I don’t think I have been protective, my comment is the truth. I am very offended for someone to say I get something I do not. I like most people struggle to pay my rent every month and to insinuate I do not pay the full amount upsets me.

  24. Truth is c.v.h.a do look after there own, ask them why one member of their staff who was moved from one flat to another down to pure personal choice and not need was given a brand new bathroom suite when it was not needed….Don’t listen to the housing they are nothing more than schemers like the tax dodging sub contractors they got working for them and doing a poor service.

  25. Evening mail sounds perfect

  26. It’s just a bunch of fat share holders making money off working class people

  27. CVCHA has a few shareholders who pay £1 to be a member, which gives them a vote at the AGM, nothing more and nothing less. They do not receive any payouts, discounts or anything else. When they are no longer eligible to be a shareholder, they leave without their £1.By the way all the shareholders are working class.

    It really annoys me when someone can not be bothered to check facts. All you have to do is ask. I’m sure if the evening mail is involved they would check them. :0)

  28. As I said earlier ‘why let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    Please please do go ahead and bring in the Evening Mail, and while you’re about it, ask them to explain to you exactly how much this bunch of ‘fat share holders’ pocket from the hard earned wages of the ‘working class people’, you will be suprised.

    Try becoming a shepheard instead of a sheep; a leader instead of a follower; or an individual with a mind of your own who can actually research the truth instead of believing what others would have you believe. Your views would then have more credibility than they have now.

    And yes, I agree CVCHA are not perfect, far from it, they are run by human beings who are fallible, they do get thing wrong, but they are the best hope we have of making sure that Castle Vale does not go back to what it was like 30 years ago and it sure as hell beats anything else that is on offer at the moment.

  29. David Townsend

    I don’t want to really enter into this exchange of views but I thought that it might be interesting just to say that I am an homeowner on Castle Vale and I also have one share in CVCHA. This enables me to attend their AGM’s and ask any pertinent questions I want to! CVCHA is resident-led and serves this community very well.

  30. the comment with reference to the prize draw, why should the dole spongers be entered into this they get enough. get a job you low life takers.

  31. David & Joan Townsend

    This is the time of the year to wish the editor, all the contributors to the website and all the other readers a Happy Christmas! It is a reminder to us all that Jesus, the Son of God, was born to be the Saviour of the world – the best news ever announced to mankind.


  33. CUTS

    Castle Vale Neighbourhood Partnership

    Location: UK » West Midlands » B
    Sector: Communities and local government, Voluntary sector
    Charity. Set up to ensure that services and service standards meet the needs and aspirations of all key stakeholders in Castle Vale, principally the residents.Local authority funding cut: £120,000. Details: Received £120,000 in 2010/11; no funding in 2011/12 following cuts to Working Neighbourhoods Fund.

    Source: falseeconomy.org.uk/blog/exclusive-more-than-20

  34. Sorry Ian not all of us was willing to lick the ass of Richard Temple Cox like some

  35. Hi Sam,
    I cant give you any feedback on your experience but between 1969 to 1974 I was a young child living with my family just off the farnborough road. I used to get really scared at seeing what looked like an old person in a dressing gown with a rope type belt when I was in bed at night. It just stared at me piercingly and I would be petrified with fear. Obviously I am now a more mature person yet when I think back to those times I still know how full of fear I was. My parents were going through a very nasty divorce at the time so life for me was a little unsettled. Many years later I spoke to the author Patrick Hayes who rights books on ghostly goings on in and around Erdington and Castle Vale, He said what I described sounded like a monk. Since then I have read that there was a monks hermitage on or near the Tame river possibly close to where the Vale would many years later be built. I presume this was probably before the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry the 8th. I do not know if any other Vale residents have had similar experiences of this type of apparition. I try to keep an open mind on things and have been in many scary situations but this is the only period in my life when I have felt what I can only call pure primal fear. If you read try to source out books by the author Patrick Hayes as he documents peoples experiences and you may find others have had similar experiences in the area. Good luck in your search.

  36. wot happened to all the 80s vale skinheads and punks. did they all grow older and leave the vale or are they still here amongst us with famlies of there own. they all knew how to dress good not like the young valeees now. there is just no street cred or youth culture like there was in the 80s.

  37. youth of the vale

    haha what are you on about mate you get the skinheads and punks from the 80s and we will xxxxxxxxxxx all of you are you crazy you dont no nothink about street cred you muppet why do you think theres not thirty erdington walking round the vale of a weekend anymore,because they got boored lool,no bcuz they got shown what the vales about.the only thing thats changed on cv is its apperance

  38. hey in our day the punks and skins did not hide their faces behind hoodies and they fought only those that wanted to fight them. many still live on the vale and are now in their late 40s to mid 50s with children of their own on the vale. many were smashing people trying to have a laugh and get by in the repressive thatcher years. they had street cred and style with good music to boot i e ska, punk rock, trojan reggae, oi music. the vale meant something to them and they fought others who wanted to fight them fairly without hoodies and without weapons, so they deserve their place in the annals of the vales youth history of times gone by.

  39. go to the birmingham gay skinheads website bgs to see some real skinheads with real street cred and boy do they know how to dress. pay them a visit youth of the vale YOU KNOW YOU WANT 2

  40. if you want to see skinhead street style with street cred without malice, racist or political views then check out the BGS website for birmingham gay skins. they are non political and non racist, what they do is have a very good skinhead style of dress. i say to check this site out as the pictures on it could almost come from the early 80s fashion scene. street cred or style does not mean anti social or violent. the vale youth could improve their style and street cred without wanting to fight others areas or acting tough by just being nice to all people.

  41. daves CVposseCREW

    we r the hardest and tak no crap from no 1 innit


  43. I wonder if there have ever been any tales of a ghostly whistle on the Vale. I ask because, I was walking up Farnborough Road as it approaches Park Lane this evening, at about 10pm when the sound of a man whistling appeared suddenly at the side of me and seemed to follow me for a few seconds. For some reason, I became very nervous and walked much quicker, and the whistling suddenly stopped. There was no one in the road or anywhere nearby.

  44. youth of the vale

    we dont think were the hardest at all thats just you judging us,and to be fair all this racist xxxx you older skin heads talk is just bullxxxx uve just left a bad immpression on the vale and now were the ones cought up init we dont go lucking for trouble with other areas they wont trouble with us because birmingham thinks the vale is sum kinda racist area, woody lol i can respect some of the things you said an the reason we wear hoodeys is because if you havnt noticed there are lots of cctv cameras that watch us 24.7 like xxxxxxx animals,and ive fought for the vale more times than i can remember and ive neva used a weapon once so its kinda obvious you dont know nothing about the youth round here

  45. AS JUDGE DREDD USED TO SING BRING BACK THE vale SKINHEADS and vale PUNKROCKERS too. great music and great times combined with great people. NUFF SAID

  46. Christopher fellows

    We believe that we need a better leisure centre on the Vale. We believe this because there are few places for young and old people to go, and we believe it could keep people busy and possibly reduce crime rates.

  47. captain tiddleeewinks


    Been hearing stories today about two women, allegedly Romanian, up to no good at the cashpoint. Any info.?

  49. There seems to be a mania for destruction sweeping through the Pype Hayes and Erdington areas. In the last two weeks, the council have chopped down nearly evey tree along both sides of Chester Road between the Bagot and the Yenton, with possibly hundreds of healthy mature trees disappearing. Others have been chopped down by the Chester Road entrance to Sainsbury’s. In addition, the newly visible St. Barnabas Church in the High Street has revealed an ugly steel and glass building attached, to the historic gothic one. Shame on the council and shame on the Church of England for their desire to destroy.

  50. Isn’t the destruction of the trees part of the HS2 plan – widening Chester Road? Typical of Government – of any political persuasion – to assert its commitment to “green” policies while doing the opposite. Who in their right mind would actually WANT to get to Birmingham half-an-hour quicker? Leave it – yes!

  51. David & Joan Townsend

    We understand that the 71A bus is being taken off shortly. Is this fact and what representations/discussions have taken place about alternatives? It will be interesting to hear the facts – it will affect many who appreciate the bus for getting to Good Hope hospital, where parking we understand is very difficult.Any useful comments would be appreciated.

  52. I hope the 71A isn’t taken off. This is much more reliable than the 71, which will be the only way to get into Sutton should the 71A disappear. Since the 68 went, I have gotten used to walking to the Fort, but walking to Sutton will prove a little too far, although it may be quicker than waiting for the 71.

  53. Having made a complaint to Birmingham coucil about the felling of the hundreds of trees between Pype Hayes and the Yenton, I have noticed that it has now extended to Tyburn Island. I have received a reply that the trees along the Chester Road were a danger to road users. Considering not one of the felled trees even came close to the road, this obviously cannot be the case. If the council believes that every tree which lines any road will need to be felled, because they fear being sued, which I suspect to be the case, then Birmingham is in for an ugly and destructive future. In reality, I believe the destruction is simply used to keep tree surgeons in employment. However, there would be equal work involved in employing them to plant trees, rather than to kill them. Where is the skill involved in the work of a tree surgeon, if all they can do is to destroy?

  54. When will you realise that birmingham City council like everything else works only for profit do you think they really care about tree’s when there’s money to be made. Plans for that area was made a long time ago behind the backs of the general public just like all decisions are, but worry not because we are living in changing times and when mother nature says enough is enough no amount of money will buy them out of mother natures path

  55. havent heard they going to to take the 71a off but i will ask the question to national express

  56. I see they are putting the rents up again on castle vale…. does any one know what the target rents are that they are aiming for, and when do we hit target?

  57. I would be moving to castle vale soon and being a black Muslim with my wife, I have been hearing that castle vale is a racist place to live at specially if ur skin colour isn’t white, i don’t want to cause any sort of problem but I respect every1 no matter what colour is ur skin, could some1 from the vale reply and give me the correct info please ..

  58. David & Joan Townsend

    Thank you for the March edition of the Tyburn Mail which we received today. We were very surprised to find no mention of Easter (which is a fortnight away) the most important time in the Christian calendar when we remember how Jesus died for our sins, was crucified and buried but rose from the dead. Have we ‘ditched’ God or are we just indifferent and it doesn’t affect us? Time to ponder and think – a Happy Easter everyone!

  59. I think modern society simply no longer needs outdated religious constructs such as the concept of a “God”.

    Why “remember” something that almost certainly never happened?

  60. In addition David, I was shocked to read your sickening comments on homosexuality and gay marriage in the recent edition.

    Why such vile hatred to such a large portion of society? You clearly feel that homosexuals are in some way beneath society and sub-human.. how is this any different to Hitler’s views on Jews?

    How you can make these comments and yet claim to be a spiritual and religious person is astonishing, you are nothing more than a bigot.

  61. David Townsend

    I don’t want to continue to counter the claims of The Truth (an intertesting title) or make other comments but if you would like to speak to me face to face then I’ll promise to listen to you. However, I would say that you have a real agenda with God and one day you have to face Him and give an account to Him!

  62. What else can you expect from someone who has publicly written that the only book he needs is the BIble?

  63. Well, wouldn’t you know, that post manages to combine condescension (“I’ll promise to listen to you” – in other words “You’re wrong-headed, poor thing, but I know the Truth”) with spurious psychobabble (“you have a real agenda with God”) and menace *you have to face Him and give an account to Him!”).
    Breathtaking arrogance! But given that Mr. T. seriously believes he was called to Castle Vale by a supernatural entity, not altogether unexpected.

  64. I fully support anybody’s right to practice religion and believe in a “god”. If someone wants to believe in mythical beings such as fairy’s, vampires, jesus, etc then so be it.
    I have no agenda to speak of but get very, very angry when I see people make hideous, hateful comments about their fellow man and claim to do so in the name of “god”

    If you can get your “god” to contact me I will happily give an account to him. He will not need my name or number as I hear he is omniscient. I have faith in myself and know that I am good person who acts with morality at all times. I believe everyone has free will and equal rights and I will take action to defend their rights. I hope that my children never have course to fall foul of the opinions of bigots such as yourself.

    I do not believe in persecuting people for any circumstance of birth such as race or sexuality. The right to marry someone you love should be provided to everyone, if the church do not want this to occur in churches then that is their choice, civil services are much brighter and romantic affairs anyway.

    That’s it from me, I have far more important things in my life then to get too wound up over one man’s delusions. I’ll keep an eye out for “god” if he’s going to pop over for a chat.

  65. There are thousands of ‘hidden carers’ in Birmingham not claiming the benefits they are entitled to. Some live on the Vale. You are a carer if your life is in any way restricted because, unpaid, you look after someone who is mentally ill, physically disabled, has a learning disability, is old, sick or frail.

    Carers UK Birmingham Branch willl be offering carers information, advice and signposting services between 10am and 12noon on Tuesday 17th April at a coffee morning at Sainsbury’s, Castle Vale. Sainsbury’s are offering Carers who drop-in a free drink and cake.

    The People’s Trust will also fund a free therapy for any carer taking up free standard membership of Carers UK.

    Please download and display our poster from http://www.carersukbirmingham.org/?p=274

  66. Hi I am a student at castle vale school and specalist performing arts college. I think the school is a great school and the staff are great, also headteacher Clive Owen is trying his best to keep the school as a good school and he trys his best to help students in every way he can. I’m writing to the mail on 2 aligations,
    First of all students arrive to school and some students arrive with no equipment , or sometimes even just without a pencil. When a student forgets equipment they can either buy stationary from teachers or borrow but if the students don’t supply or buy the equipment they are sent home. xxxx teacher xxxxxx quoted ” if pupils don’t have equipment it disrups the learning of students” WELL ISN’T SENDING STUDENTS HOME FOR NO EQUIPMENT IS STUPID! Also it disrups learning of students, student leave school and miss lessons.
    Secondly, if a students is too I’ll to work in the school environment they should be sent home. Well I was I’ll and I went to the school
    office, I could not work in the environment I had a high temperater but got to go back to lesson. As any student would if they was in my possition they would refused as I did but one member of staff, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx quoted ” your attendance is too low therefore your remaing in school” I was discuted by this, and I ot told to return to lesson. I returned to my lesson and my teacher spotted I was I’ll and told me to sit down and take time out. I went to the head of year and he said again ” you have a low attendance therefore you can’t go home”. I had an argument with my head of year and then he takes me to the office after 1 hour and a half of trying to return home because of my condition he ask the office staff to send me home. I waited 45 minutes for the go a head to return home they finally call home and say I can leave the premesises to recover.

    Overall I think some staffs attitudes towards the students are apporling and it needs to be sorted

  67. I think the teachers were right you shouldn’t have been sent home, if your parents thought you were well enough to attend then you should remain. Maybe if you spent more time in school “with your attendance being too low” you’d learn how to spell and might get some exam results.

  68. Hi is any one else fed up with all the junk mail that gets stuffed through the letter box, I understand the royal mail are paid to distribute leaflets, but I’m sick of all the c**p!. despite having a notice that says NO JUNK MAIL it still comes, I report who I can, but I am seriously fed up with it all. The amount of food menus, charity bags ( 30 last year, some of which are bogus companies) and general rubbish that they stuff though is unbelievable,

  69. Ian you more than anyone should know about being a sheep you have been one for some years now haven’t you, your nose must be very brown

  70. They were also the most racist!

  71. Firstly you don’t even know what or who God is because you have labelled God to be a male so you have not researched nothing, you have no proof of jesus apart from him being in the new testament, so don’t attempt to be a righteous man you are nothing of the sort and you should answer the questions put to you on here considering you was quick enough to put your opinions on homosexuality in full public show…Shame on you and if i ever see you at an event I will make it know your views as to put trust in a person like you would be like trusting lucifer!

  72. I hate to say it but I live here and yes it is and always has been very very racist. FACT and TRUTH!

  73. and just remember as Mr Townsend stated above he has a share in C.V.C.H.A which means he and the others who we should really find out about as no-one knows what views they hold, but we do know that they would have a large say on who lives here especially as they own the c.c.t.v. paper radio etc etc. I personally feel that Mr Townsend should not be allowed to have a share or a say with a mindset like that it’s an unhealthy contribution to Castle Vale and nobody else would get away with it Mr Townsend should be no exception and i think it should be made known what his views are!!

  74. lisa Da-Costa

    I would like to know who runs Vale Mail and how i make a complaint against it

  75. Lisa Da-Costa

    No people have started waking up to tyour Pagan traditions that you nicked from ancient Khemet or Egypt as you know it as. Evrything related to christianity islam and Judaism was stolen from africa namely Khemet and Nubia. Do the math and research and whilst your at it do your research on your so-called Jesus

  76. Lisa Da-Costa

    You don’t even know who God is let alone whether he was a male. Stop following the mass sheep and do your own research.You will find that god had no religion and god is not or was not a male human or entity. God is a force not a being so stop trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and tell lies. If you want to present a logical challenge to what I have to say feel free. i have been researching religion for the past 14years solid and know for a FACT you cannot prove anything Religious to me as I would de-bunk within seconds. come correct with Facts not fairy tales from the bible which is only 600 years old roughly

  77. lil mo hmmm heard that name b4 i’m psychic

  78. Sutton Coldfiel citizen

    I will tell you who runs the Vale Mail, It is a group of very honest hardworking individuals who respect the rights of choice and the the freedom of individuals personal views. This is one of the few good things about the Vale and should be supported and not moaned about. Stop complaining and contribute to society.

  79. lisa Da-Costa

    Mocking somebody’s spelling ability is rather childish don’t you think. Until you have walked a persons path maybe you should learn to keep silly opinions like that to yourself.

  80. lisa Da-Costa

    Sutton coldfield cit, you seem to know an awful ot about the vale considering you neither live on here nor have a good word to say about the place or the people. I will pursue what I need to thank you very kindly and do not need or want your input, and please refrain from making such statements as I need to contribute as you don’t know so wind your neck back in

  81. I’m amazed to find that for once, I agree with Sutton Coldield Citizen’s opinion about the Vale Mail as was, now the Tyburn Mail. The Editor has always been even-handed and allowed people’s personal views, wherever legally possible, to be published. Freedom of speech is a right we all share; however, some people misuse that freedom in order to make unsubstantiated, often untrue and frequently offensive comments about other people or organisations. That is libel. An Editor cannot allow his paper to publish libellous statements, nor can a Moderator of a website allow such material to stay open to public view. That is the law. And now, following the High Court ruling against Facebook, the cover of anonymity can no longer be tolerated.
    If Lisa still wishes to make a formal complaint, there are several avenues open to her, e.g. the Board of the Tyburn Mail, her M.P., or the Press Complaints Commission.

  82. Thank you kindly Nemes,
    As you seem to have in a phrase sussed me out. Yes I do comment in a way that can seem uncomplimentary to the Vale ( though never directly or personally at any individual ) I do so in such a way that promotes or promps people to put comments forward to defend what is good about the Vale and when you look at the replies I get then I would say that it works in encouraging people to actually put a well thought out reply on site. ( a sort of Devils Advocate that encourages debate ). But as for the young Lisa Da-Costa think she seems very angry and probably has a lot of emotional upheaval in her life. She comes over as very young and immature ( possibly 16 to 18 ) it may be that as she ages and matures the she will gain more of lifes wisdoms and if she one day marries and has children then she may pass this life skill onto them.
    Au voir for now

  83. by the way lisa rights she comes over as the age of 12, her parents should not let her play with the computer.

  84. looks like lisa da-conka went to the same school as me

  85. Lisa Da-Costa

    Nemesis and vale man your both wrong and your both quite lame in your remarks but I guess it’s expected. I wonder if face to face having an open verbal debate you would hold the same opinions…Open invitation ball back in your courts!

  86. lisa Da-Costa

    Sutton cit you couldn’t have walk my path if you were paid to don’t assume what you don’t know it’s not a good look

  87. I would like to know why on an estate of roughly 200 Hectares, why is it we need over 80 cctv cameras police, extra police community police and wardens…why don’t you just finish the job and put a 20ft barbed wire fence round the estate with gates and armed guards you might as well you treat us like prisoners anyway and try to control every aspect of our lives on the estate……Nothing compared to what was promised in the original plan!!

  88. http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/areabased/castlevalespg……..studying this I would also like to know what has changed and is there solid evidence of change

  89. I would especially like to see the health stats as in the master plan one of the written statements read the following……… Over 15% of residents have a limiting long term illness and some 600 people are
    registered as permanently sick. Figures for heart disease and malignant cancers are well
    above the City average. The poor health statistics led to the area being declared a
    Health Action Area prior to the establishment of the Trust………….Updated statistics should be published

  90. Poor shopping facilities, theft and vandalism are considered a major problem on the
    estate by over 50% of the residents. Also taken from a written statement in the master plan. My question did we really have poor shopping facilities as I don’t feel we did and would like to know other residents thoughts on this especially in comparison to the shopping facilities we now have.

    Fifty-five per cent of households do not have access to a car (written statement). If that was the case at the time of drawing up the master plan for the shopping facilities why wasn’t a shopping center built like the old one but more modernised instead of allowing one big overpriced supermarket that does not meet all the needs of people? why do we have a bathstore but not a butchers or hardware store??????? makes no sense

  91. lisa da-conka should be our leeder and be put in charge of vale management so we all get more bennefits. she could be the peeples margrtet thatcher. she will get my vote. us ex c v compies stick together