Local Contacts

Useful Local Phone Numbers

Birmingham Council General Enquiries: 303 1111
Anti-social Behaviour: 303 1111
Benefit Service:
464 7000
Council Tax (8am to 6pm only):
303 1113
Leadership Line:
464 2005
Homeworks (Helping improve homes):
303 1116
Recruitment and jobs:
303 1111
Waste issues:
303 1112


Local Councillors The following councillors represent the Tyburn ward, covering Castle Vale: Councillor Lynda Clinton (Labour); Councillor Ann Holtom (Liberal Democrat); Councillor Mike Sharpe (Labour)


Astral Centre 464 9222

Berwood Court Care Home 749 7887

Castle Vale Environmental Trust (CVCET) 747 3579

Castle Vale News(Innsworth Drive Shop) 747 2371

Castle Vale School 464 6101

Castle Vale Nursery   0121 675 7578

Castle Vale Children’s Centre   0121 675 0637

Chemist (Lloyds) 747 6546

Chivenor School 675 9833

CVCHA 748 8100

CVCRS (Castle Vale Community Regeneration Services (at The Sanctuary) 0121 748 8111

Eden Court Medical Practice 748 8200

Flowerworx 747 0999

Garage (Pitstop) 747 6326

Guides and Brownies (Tyburn) : Girlguiding Tyburn consists of Rainbow, Brownie and Guide units for girls aged 5-14 to get involved in fantastic opportunities. We cover the Castle Vale and Pype Hayes areas.Call Lisa on 07949 627145 or email lisaanne_r@tiscali.co.uk

Health Centre 465 1500

The Kick Start Academy: Delivering fun, sports sessions for children of all ages and abilities.  http://www.thekickstartacademy.webs.com

Leisure Centre 747 6226

Library 464 7335

Merlin Security 776 8880
Merlin Venture 0121 384 5614

Neighbourhood Office 675 4829

NISA  0121 747 7042

Pegasus School 464 4293

PHAB (Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied) Elaine Gordon or Chris Smalley
tel 0121 747 7076

Police 0845 1135000

Post Office 747 0550

Residents Club 747 2004

Ridings (Old Peoples’ Home) 748 8770

Rise and Shine Parent and Toddler Group
Lisa Nicholls – 07986 792807
Email riseandshine4u@yahoo.co.uk

Sainsbury’s 776 7425

St Gerards School 464 2613

Swimming Pool 464 4644

The Sanctuary 748 5520

Tiggywinkles Nursery (Chivenor) 747 3669

Tiggywinkles (Pegasus) 747 2186

Topcliffe School 675 6296

TRA 747 5932

Tyburn Pub 747 2128

Vale Mail 749 1343

Victim Support 748 6095


19 responses to “Local Contacts

  1. Hi could you add our contact details to your site?

    Girlguiding Tyburn consists of Rainbow, Brownie and Guide units for girls aged 5-14 to get involved in fantastic opportunities. We cover the Castle Vale and Pype Hayes areas.

    Call Lisa on 07949 627145 or email lisaanne_r@tiscali.co.uk for more info.

  2. kirsty campbell

    Hi i was wondering if you could help me,i am looking at sending my daughters to brownies or rainbow,could you please tell me how i go about this,we live in castle vale.
    They are 7 years old and 6 years old.
    Many thanks!
    Mrs Campbell

  3. Hi Kirsty, can you email or call me on the number or address above, then I can give you some details.

  4. Brownies and Rainbows on Castle Vale is at St. Cuthberts church. Do email lisaanne_r@tiscali.co.uk or call me on 07949 627145 for more info. 2010 is the centenary year of Girlguiding so it’s a really exciting time to be involved!


  5. Georgia Jones

    Hello, i was wondering if you could find me a contact email for Topcliffe Primary School. Ive tried google but i cant find it anywhere! it would be a real help if you find it; if you could email it to me?
    thankyou so much!

  6. Nicola Clarke

    I was wondering if you could tell me of anyone that does window cleaning in the Castle Vale area? I would be grateful if you could e-mail me with any details. Thank You.

  7. Dear Ed ,i have a story to tell,how would i get it published,yours sincerely,John

  8. Hi can anyone tell me what day the party in the park will be on this year and alos who to contact about stalls please

  9. think it on 4th all 5 th july ok start about 11.30 finished at 4.45pm ok

  10. Can anyone tell me where have all the window cleaners have gone?
    For almost two years I have asked, passed on messages, stopped cleaners while at work, and phoned so many that have not replied. that I am thinking they are a dying breed.

  11. theres 2 window cleaners that live up my road gary and graham if you want one of them i can tell them to come to you

  12. I would like to know when is Catle vale going to get either a decent shopping centre or some affordable shops. It is a disgrace that Sainsburys was allowed to bring their corporate money grabbing shop onto Castle vale it is way too expensive for people, and really it does not cater for the working class and poor. Originally we was meant to have a proper shopping centre to replace the one the H.A.T ripped down, instead we have a major retailer that has been put on here for passing trade and not for the benefit of the residence. Not only that but it has prevented smaller businesses from operating as Sainsbury made sure of that because they are greedy selfish corperate arseholes who’s only objective is to make as much profit as possible.We have a bthstore that does not benefit the residence. It is ok if you can afford to shop there and can also buy everything yo need there. However for the people that cant afford their prices they are forced to travel off the estate which then costs £3.80 min or the price of a taxi if you have a load of shopping to carry. the old shopping centre might have been somewhat outdated but at least it was affordable and there was enough different types of shops to be able to get everything you wanted. It was also a meeting place for residence on the estate and gave people a chance to meet for coffee and shopping. All it needed was a facelift. I feel we have been completely let down in this area and sold out to the highest bidder. I was on the commitee when the consultation of this was going through and opposed it as did a couple of others, however we were not listened to. Castle vale has turned into a miserable a ghost town, with no community spirit left because of the wrong decisions made by selfish commitee members. I feel that something needs to be done and the residence need to claim back their estate from the profit makers and i will be launching a petition about this.

  13. could someone tell me how to e-mail to the vale mail or set one up please x denise xx

    email: editor@valemail.co.uk

  14. Does anyone know the name of the man who’s always clearing up the paving and grass areas at the top of Turnhouse Road/ Farnborough Road? i think he should have a mention in the vale mail as he does such a great job and has no recognition for his work. The hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed

  15. Hi Anon, is this the man on the scooter?

    If so I nominated him for a community award last year, but have never been able to find out his name so just put ‘the man on the scooter who litter picks’,

    I’m there are quite a number of residents who quietly go about improving Castle Vale for us all, and whilst they do not do it for the recognition, it good to say thank you at some point.

  16. i think the man you are on about is a black man that lives in the block of flats at the top of farnborough road.
    he is constantly sweeping and weeding the area.
    wished he lived by me!
    i too think he should get a mention in the vale mail.
    keep up the good work.

  17. He’s a nuisance with an awful attitude, he shouts at the kids who leave near my parents for no reason, and put potatoes where my dad parks his car. He is good at sweeping and cleaning but I don’t think he should really be out on his own.

  18. He does a good job. I do believe he has a few problems but that shouldnt stop him from being considered for some sort of recognition.

  19. I agree he should be rewarded for what he does not punished. keep your kids away from his house then he will not shout at them

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